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Lovin’ the jumping pillow. And the sun.

Pardon my absence around the intarwebs for the last week. Twas the annual trek to Yellowstone for work. (Wildlife sightings: 1 moose (eyeballed twice, photo’d once), 2 bears, 6 big horn sheep, uncountable bison, elk, and pronghorn, a pod of pelicans, colonies of whistle pigs, and a sandhill crane on her nest surrounded by canadian geese. There might have been other fauna…I lost count.) YNP is one of the few places left in the world with zero public internet access and also limited to no cell service. It’s kinda nice.

On Thursday, Josh and the kids drove over to Cody, WY to meet me and we spent the weekend hanging out at the Cody KOA. (Pancakes consumed…um, don’t ask.)

More when I weed through the photos and discard the blurry and the “huh, what was that?”

Most depressing part of the trip: coming home to my freshly planted gardens bombarded by ping pong ball sized hail. The tomatoes, peppers, bleeding hearts, and columbine are pulp. I’m thinking maybe I should just give up for this year.



A sneak peak…

Hello sunshine.

Photo repeat +2.

Boys will be boys.

Oops. (And “Well nigh 40 years!”)

Can you believe it? Our 11 day trip is coming to a close.

Saturday I once again sneaked a workout in first thing in the morning. Hey, after all that food? I needed it. Of course I spoiled it all with a trip to Starbucks on the way back to Quentin’s. But that was worth it too.

The plan for Saturday was quite simple: enjoy time with our family and then hit the road. Also, take many photos of the kids.

Here all 4 kids show off the pillow pets my Uncle gave them for Christmas.

One of my favorites from the whole trip. Reminds me of this one. Hard to believe that was only a year and a half ago.

Cuties with pillow pets on stairs.

Cuties on Miss A’s bed.

Our Rock Stars.

The delightful Miss E.

My brother and I both have one of these horses from when we were growing up. Mine is currently a step stool in the Boy’s room.

Grandma and her Grands.

Since the rest of the trip was spent driving, I’ll spare you the details except the following: we almost ran out of gas in Minnesota, we did make it to Sioux Falls Saturday night…but it was almost Sunday morning, the hotel in Sioux Falls was very uneventful and rather disappointing even after considering we were only there for less than 8 hours, we finally had our Shamrock shakes…in Rapid City on the way home. They are not as good as I remember from my childhood. In fact, it was rather gross and I’d rather make my own than do that again.

Josh’s parents came over to enjoy some quality time with two tired cranky kids on Sunday evening so I could go to tap class. And with that, our vacation has come to a close. It was a wonderful time and I’m so glad we had the chance to see so many of our friends and relatives.

And now, all my photos are processed and I just have to pick one for each day for my Project Life album. Ha. Hahahahaha. As if I could only pick one. I suspect I’ll be adding pages for that week.

Thanks for letting me use you though. I sure appreciated the push. : )