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Taken with the timer function. It takes 3 photos at a time. Someone did not want to wait that long to see the results. I love it.

Yup, Eddie Royal is da man. Josh is the last holdout, keeping to the classic John Elway jersey.

Unfortunately no amount of our cheering swayed the results of the game. The coach-at-home secret communication line must have been out of commision. You wouldn’t have known it from the way a certain someone was talking to the team tv.

Also, for those keeping score at home, the Boy is sporting a new jersey while the Girl takes his hand-me-down. Here’s the one from last year!

Those of you who know me, know I have a large garden. I like growing my own stuff. I like having stuff I grew around to eat all winter. I like NOT paying for veggies that I’m perfectly capable of growing myself. Also, my husband and kids are pickle fiends. Right after we returned from our trip to see Josh’s sister up in Montana, we had a major kitchen day. 20-some pounds of cherries. Pickled beans. Pesto. And Josh started brewing beer.

Today, the kitchen-marathon continues. To start the day off, I processed 76 cups of basil leaves. Yes you read that right. 76 cups. Or 4.75 gallons. Most of it belongs to work, and will be returned to work in the form of frozen basil paste. So yeah – yummy times at Mt. Rushmore. But a good bunch of it (6 pints roughly) is now pesto living in my freezer.

We also brought home a major haul of beets from my mom’s last night. The price for taking custody of said beets is one pint of pickled beets. I think that’s more than fair.

But this is the one that will get you. Guess what this is:

Spidey included for scale. That bag is one of their bigger bags. Not your standard grocery sack.

That’s right Girl, it’s beans. I’m going to guess that right now, sitting in my kitchen, is nearly 15 pounds of beans. Some will wind up married with dill, some will be waterboarded, er, I mean blanched, and frozen for the winter. Some are going straight in our bellies. And get this – I still have a ton out there. The pole beans are just starting to go crazy. Oh yeah, and I gave away another near 5 pounds the other night. It’s a good year for beans! You may want to remind me of my enthusiasm come February.

And lastly…

Yup, the first batch of beer is in the bottles.

Now you’ll have to excuse me. I need to get back to my beets. And snap some beans.

What are all y’all up to this weekend? Anybody else gettin’ busy in the kitchen? Anybody have an awesome can’t miss bean recipe they’d like to share?

Did you ever notice our baby Girl’s birth defect? When she was littler (and had less hair) it was more noticeable:

See it yet? How ’bout a more recent pic:

Need a hint? Check out her ear. Yup, Girl was born with a skin tag. I liked to call it her “Shrek ear“.

It’s not dangerous, it’s just a bit of extra skin and cartilage. But it’s in a spot other people notice. And it has been growing with her. So at the ripe old age of 20 months, girlfriend had her first visit with a plastic surgeon. (Dr. Carver to be exact – how is that for a hilarious eponym.) After almost 70 minutes of sitting and waiting and meeting plenty of nurses and anesthetists, she was whisked away, given some laughing gas, and had that tag taken off. About 20 minutes and 4 “micro sutures” later she was back with us. Now she looks like this:

We’ll go back to visit Dr. Carver on Tuesday for a check-up and to have the stitches removed.

Why’d we do it now? Because this way she won’t remember it. And the use of a plastic surgeon was involved because there’s a facial never running near there, so ya gotta be careful. Plus they’re rather skilled at minimizing scars. The hope is this one will fade and not grow as she does. Plus now it’s gone before she understands the “what’s wrong with her ear” questions. School kids – you know how they are. Yes, we could have just tied a string around it and thightened it until the majority of it fell off. But that typically leaves a mole looking result which she may have wanted to have removed down the line. We just saved her the trouble (and the bill).

In other news – the Girl looks a little worse for wear in that last photo. It’s not from the procedure. It was from the 108 degree temperatures in the Big City yesterday. (Actual temperature reading witnessed on my car thermometer as we left town at 3:20pm. You know, for the much more reasonable 93 at our house. *gag*) What in the world. So yeah. Hot, sweaty, sticky hair. And a bit of Sonic grape slush stuck to her face.

And yes, that means in less than a week we’ve gone from having the heat on to having the ac on. I think Mother Nature is having hot flashes.