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Did you ever notice our baby Girl’s birth defect? When she was littler (and had less hair) it was more noticeable:

See it yet? How ’bout a more recent pic:

Need a hint? Check out her ear. Yup, Girl was born with a skin tag. I liked to call it her “Shrek ear“.

It’s not dangerous, it’s just a bit of extra skin and cartilage. But it’s in a spot other people notice. And it has been growing with her. So at the ripe old age of 20 months, girlfriend had her first visit with a plastic surgeon. (Dr. Carver to be exact – how is that for a hilarious eponym.) After almost 70 minutes of sitting and waiting and meeting plenty of nurses and anesthetists, she was whisked away, given some laughing gas, and had that tag taken off. About 20 minutes and 4 “micro sutures” later she was back with us. Now she looks like this:

We’ll go back to visit Dr. Carver on Tuesday for a check-up and to have the stitches removed.

Why’d we do it now? Because this way she won’t remember it. And the use of a plastic surgeon was involved because there’s a facial never running near there, so ya gotta be careful. Plus they’re rather skilled at minimizing scars. The hope is this one will fade and not grow as she does. Plus now it’s gone before she understands the “what’s wrong with her ear” questions. School kids – you know how they are. Yes, we could have just tied a string around it and thightened it until the majority of it fell off. But that typically leaves a mole looking result which she may have wanted to have removed down the line. We just saved her the trouble (and the bill).

In other news – the Girl looks a little worse for wear in that last photo. It’s not from the procedure. It was from the 108 degree temperatures in the Big City yesterday. (Actual temperature reading witnessed on my car thermometer as we left town at 3:20pm. You know, for the much more reasonable 93 at our house. *gag*) What in the world. So yeah. Hot, sweaty, sticky hair. And a bit of Sonic grape slush stuck to her face.

And yes, that means in less than a week we’ve gone from having the heat on to having the ac on. I think Mother Nature is having hot flashes.

Those of you with small children: have you read Duck in the Truck? Or Sheep in a Jeep? Both are very fun, very simply worded tales involving animals, vehicles, and muddy muck. (And I can recite both from memory.) No animals involved in this post (although Josh and I were considering some Nigerian Dwarf goats the other day. And a couple western tanagers visited our bird feeder!). And as yet no stuck vehicles. But we are inundated by muck.

It’s been raining here for 3 weeks straight. This is what our creek culvert looks like:

It’s running nearly full. In fact, under normal circumstances the creek takes a little wander right here. Now it’s just a mini-lake. (Kinda like when it froze over.) It’s backed up into the neighbors pasture on the other side as well. Poor donkeys. But it sits lower than our drive and will keep our access open, so the donkeys can move to higher ground.

I had thought I’d try to plant my garden on Saturday when the sun peaked out. I’m rather glad I didn’t.

That reflection in the middle? All water. If you blow it up big, you might be able to see my poor strawberries drowning in the middle of the puddle. You can also see the creek short cutting between the garden and the road as well, creating a nice little island. (And ugh. Our poor tree. It appears to be croaking on us. *sob* Doesn’t look like pine beetle at least. Probably just stress from the construction.)

Enough about our poor water logged plight (and really, in the grand scheme of things, we have it easy. Our hearts go out to those just a few hours away who may lose everything). What did everyone do for Memorial Day? Tell me the sun was shining and you had a lovely barbecue with friends and family. We worked – it’s the bane of making a tourism living. No summer holidays off. I did put up some artwork for the day. (Um, maybe I should say “for the evening”? I hung it up when I came home from work. Shall I hang my head in shame? I kept meaning to do it, I just had a bazillion excuses other things to do. I AM ready for Father’s Day!) Anyway…wanna see?

Norman Rockwell’s Rosie the riveter. I love her. And wish she found more air time. I did a horrible job sizing this one and hence her feet are cut off. Must fix for next year.

Poppies. Found via Google Images. (Hello reflection.) I’m sad I didn’t get a poppy this year.

An old Memorial Day post card with Lady Liberty. It’s long and skinny but I love it.

In other news…the Boy is beyond excited about going to his first movie next month. I found a treat while grocery shopping on Saturday and decided to spoil him (and his sister).

Too funny! It’s a sucker with Mater’s teeth for the “stick”.

The Girl is currently obsessed with all things “MY”. Including her swing. She’d be out there in the rain all day if we let her. She’s definitely found her voice and is adding words (and  signs) all the time.

Here’s hoping the sun is shining, you’ve managed to turn your heat off for the season (current temp = 41), and your gardens are growing gangbusters. Please send some our way.

We decided to enjoy some local fun today.

If you know much of anything about the Black Hills, you know our area is rich in history – dinosaur history! The Boy loves the “Dinosaur Museum” in our town. So today we took him to see another. This one has been around for a long time and is on the campus of Josh’s Alma Mater – South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. Wait, check that. They’re trying to be just “School of Mines” now. (That’s fine. That leaves MY Alma Mater as Da Tech.)

Back to the business at hand. On campus is the Museum of Geology.

Manny! Sorry to see you this way…

There are also a variety of fun historic fossils and rocks and bits gathered from around the world. All of which kept the littles entertained.

Or at least they tried. “Nigh-nigh!” Yea, someone missed her afternoon nap.

The artwork kept the “adults” entertained.

Dude! My head!

Josh was happy – his favoritist display from his youth was still there. (I told you this place has been around for a long time! *snerk*)

They appear to be a number of unassuming rocks. In a rather dark room. Until…

Oooo! Magic!

We colored a few stencils for the Boy. The girl ran around and created a ruckus. We even managed to leave the gift shop without spending a penny and without any fight about it. Good thing too. Because the rest of our trip to the Big City was spent visiting Big Blue and Maynerds. Yup. Spring might just be on it’s way, so it’s time to get to work on some projects. Some wood to finish off the mudroom project. Some lattice to cover the bottom of the porch. Trim pieces to cover the posts on the porch. Some fasteners to fix our dining room chairs (the screws don’t want to stay after the recover project). Wire fencing for my garden gates to keep the !)@*# deer out. Oh and some sonic spikes for the pocket gophers. Yes, landscaping is the order of the day (summer). Also on the list: a sandbox for the Boy and fixing the swingset that took a tumble in an early storm.

And before I forget – a wonderful song for you (and your kids) to enjoy! Caution – it’s addicting and you will likely catch yourself singing it at odd times.