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Taken with the timer function. It takes 3 photos at a time. Someone did not want to wait that long to see the results. I love it.

Yup, Eddie Royal is da man. Josh is the last holdout, keeping to the classic John Elway jersey.

Unfortunately no amount of our cheering swayed the results of the game. The coach-at-home secret communication line must have been out of commision. You wouldn’t have known it from the way a certain someone was talking to the team tv.

Also, for those keeping score at home, the Boy is sporting a new jersey while the Girl takes his hand-me-down. Here’s the one from last year!

Actually, this post would be the exact opposite of a slice.

Last night, Tuesday the 30th, the last night of Men’s League for the summer, Josh hit a hole in one! (On #2 at Rocky Knolls.)

Thankfully, one of his partners snagged his phone and snapped a few photos.

Also thankfully – it was the last night and not everyone was there. (There are about 60 teams of 2 for men’s night. 120 people.) Did you know, traditionally, when you sink a hole in one you must buy a round of drinks…FOR THE ENTIRE GOLF COURSE?!?!? That’s nuts. But it’s an old European tradition I guess (even the Golf Nut can’t find a definitive answer). (And hello. Everything about golf is a bit nuts.) So yeah. Thankfully not everyone was there. And not everyone opted for a drink. The tab only came to about $80-something. Still. Don’t you think you ought to win something instead?

Very happy for the hubby. It’s an awesome achievement, especially for someone as nuts about golf as he is. I’m also very glad to have the photos. Honey? I apologize for thinking you were totally full of crap and pulling my leg when you texted me.

I think the famous Mr. Anonymous probably said it best when it comes to Josh and golf: “Born to golf, forced to work.” Arnold Palmer more eloquently summed up my husband’s attitude:

“What other people may find in poetry or art museums, I find in the flight of a good drive.”  ~Arnold Palmer

For the record, I am a horrible golfer made worse by lack of practice. I haven’t been golfing since I was pregnant with the Girl. I keep meaning to get back out there, but the time never seems to come. So here are two quotes about the game for me:

They call it golf because all of the other four-letter words were taken.  ~Raymond Floyd

When I die, bury me on the golf course so my husband will visit.  ~Author Unknown

(And hey – all this talk of golf reminds me. I haven’t posted the annual Calcutta photos. Coming soon! I mean, it was only a month ago. *sigh*)

Do you know what yesterday was?

According to Josh, it was the most wonderful day of the year.  Right up until about 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time.

That’s right folks.  It was opening day of the 2010-2011 NFL Football Season.

The newest initiate to the craziness is not so sure about all this hootin’ and hollarin’.  (Especially apropos with the addition of 3 rabid fans outside our immediate family who joined the festivities, taking it upon themselves to ensure our house was filled with proper NFL Team rootin’.  Oh, and 1 not so rabid fan who was along for the ride.  Poor girl, I don’t think she knew what she was getting in to.)

Side note:  We have NFL Sunday Ticket.  That means we get EVERY GAME that is on the entire day.  And we watch them.  All.  (Yes, there is an art to the remote control game management.)  Hence the local Raider fan and Eagle fan also show up to borrow a tv, along with a few fellow Bronco fans.  But we love ’em anyway…so long as they aren’t playing the Broncos.

Unfortunately, as indicated above, the Broncos lost.  Making it a not so fabulous day.  Also not so fabulous for the hubby – yesterday was our town’s big Quilt Show!  Yes, that means I have another eleventy squintilion ideas for projects I want to do.  (However, I will have it on record that I only spent $5 on fabric.)  And to top it ALL off, tap class started again last night!  And no children were allowed admission this year.

I suppose what you’re really asking however is, “um, Britt?  It’s been a month to the day.  Where the heck are the San Fran photos?  And didn’t your brother come visit?  I bet those cousins are super stinkin’ cute together!”  You’re right of course.  My goal for this week is two fold: 1) Get a bunch of photos processed and posts up (some would say just post the photos, but with my fancy new camera each one is about 6 meg upon download.  So they at least need to be cropped and compressed for my fellow low-bandwidth dwellers).  2)  Sort my fabric stash and purge stuff I won’t use so I can actually make some stuff again.  Oh, I guess it’s going to be three fold because I also want to get that photo project put up on the wall this week.  Honey?  Consider this your due notice.  Break out the big level.