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Actually, this post would be the exact opposite of a slice.

Last night, Tuesday the 30th, the last night of Men’s League for the summer, Josh hit a hole in one! (On #2 at Rocky Knolls.)

Thankfully, one of his partners snagged his phone and snapped a few photos.

Also thankfully – it was the last night and not everyone was there. (There are about 60 teams of 2 for men’s night. 120 people.) Did you know, traditionally, when you sink a hole in one you must buy a round of drinks…FOR THE ENTIRE GOLF COURSE?!?!? That’s nuts. But it’s an old European tradition I guess (even the Golf Nut can’t find a definitive answer). (And hello. Everything about golf is a bit nuts.) So yeah. Thankfully not everyone was there. And not everyone opted for a drink. The tab only came to about $80-something. Still. Don’t you think you ought to win something instead?

Very happy for the hubby. It’s an awesome achievement, especially for someone as nuts about golf as he is. I’m also very glad to have the photos. Honey? I apologize for thinking you were totally full of crap and pulling my leg when you texted me.

I think the famous Mr. Anonymous probably said it best when it comes to Josh and golf: “Born to golf, forced to work.” Arnold Palmer more eloquently summed up my husband’s attitude:

“What other people may find in poetry or art museums, I find in the flight of a good drive.”  ~Arnold Palmer

For the record, I am a horrible golfer made worse by lack of practice. I haven’t been golfing since I was pregnant with the Girl. I keep meaning to get back out there, but the time never seems to come. So here are two quotes about the game for me:

They call it golf because all of the other four-letter words were taken.  ~Raymond Floyd

When I die, bury me on the golf course so my husband will visit.  ~Author Unknown

(And hey – all this talk of golf reminds me. I haven’t posted the annual Calcutta photos. Coming soon! I mean, it was only a month ago. *sigh*)

(Homemade photobooth fun – July 9, 2011. And yes, we were the only adults secure enough in our egos to do this. My girlfriends are teh awwwwsome.)

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?  Full of wonderful friends, family, and food?  Here’s a bit of a recap on our Feast.

To start…more crafts!  (Note:  you can clickisy on any photo to make it bigger.)

We have an abundance of pine cones here in the Hills.  So why not put them to use?  These are cute little place cards for our table.  Added bonus?  They can become ornaments for Christmas!  The scrolls are just cardstock I printed the names on, cut into strips, then curled the ends around a pencil.  A dab of hot glue, and wa-la!

And some simple jingle bells on a ribbon for the napkin rings.  (Huge hit with the kids…and the cats.)  Thank you Michaels for having them on sale and giving me a 20% off anything and everything coupon.

(Hey look – we recovered the chairs!  My hands still hurt from pulling the staples 2 weeks ago.)

Here’s the table, all ready to go.  More pinecones for the centerpiece.  Along with some real hazelnuts (in the shell), and some fake acorns, and some fun orange “diamonds” as the Boy named them.  The acorns and diamonds were leftovers from a party up here that were going to get pitched.  Not any more!

The dinner was delish…but I failed to take any photos.  Oh, I have a few of the turkey but let’s just say you can tell we were 3 courses into the feasting and drinking.  In all honesty, everything was wonderful but I don’t think anything really stood out this year.  The Chocolate hazelnut tort was a huge hit, but I think I’d rather have it made with hazelnut butter than chunks of nuts.  The wild plum soup was yummy, especially made with plums grown in a friends backyard.  I suspect it would be uh-may-zing over ice cream.  The pomegranate turkey was moist and delicious, although unstuffed it still took way longer to cook than it’s mere 21 pounds should have.  Good thing we had appetizers and soup and salad to tide us over.

Of course, with most of the family present, we had to take photos.

Aw, aren’t we cute?  And almost everyone is smiling.  The Girl is not sure what to make of all this.  Plus it was past bedtime at this point.  And if you look closely she has a plum soup mustache.

But by now you know this family isn’t really that calm and normal, right?

Roller coaster!

That’s more like it.

The Girl says “I am still not amused.  Someone give me more food and put me to bed already.”

Here’s hoping you and yours had a wonderful day of thanks.  I feel blessed to be able to have most of our family with us to celebrate.