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Guess what we did yesterday?

We started moving!

A super huge thanks to Josh’s parents.  Even if his dad did try to wreck the bobcat.  Luckily his mom and I weren’t there at the time.  Unfortunately, his mom and I weren’t there at the time…so no pictures.  But we hauled all the large pieces of furniture except our chest freezer over and I took 2.5 loads in our Monterro.  Full to the brim.  The last 1/2 load included the three cats.

First, a photo:


Here’s a shot of the semi-finished railing.  It’s finished enough for us to close on the house, but it’s still missing post covers.  Luckily, we got our money back for the crummy ones.  We also found a solution to the problem.  See, you’re supposed to put the covers on before the posts go up, so most are sold in one solid formed piece.  We don’t have that luxury.  But we found what is basically trim work for siding that is the right size.  We can miter the edges and just form a case around the posts.  And it’s going to cost about half what everything else was pricing.  So maybe we’ll get that done this summer.

We also finished a lot of detail work and general clean up over the weekend.  Josh and his dad did the dirt work in front and Josh put in the pavers for our temporary walkway.  (Eventually we’ll put in a cobblestone path and move the pavers to make a patio in the back.  But we needed something  This morning we had our final inspection and appraisal walk-through.  It went very well, and hopefully the gal will tell us it’s worth way more than what we spent.

So last night was our first night in the new house!  It was a great feeling of accomplishment, even if there are a few things left to be done (besides moving all our crap).  But the cats did not make it a peaceful night.

Let Us OutThe Three Amigos.  Kind of.

We didn’t move them until almost 7:30 pm.  The two young ‘uns (on the left and center above) hid out in the entertainment center until about 4 am before causing a ruckus.  The old man of the group (on the right) was much more obnoxious.  This is the 3rd time he’s moved with me, and I have no idea how many times he’d moved before that, so he took the whole move in stride in terms of eh, a new place.  He’s 17 years old – that’s pretty up there for a cat.  And we’re pretty sure he’s going senile.  He definitely agrees with the Boy – a half empty house has great acoustics.  He mrow’d and flat out howled half the night away.  He does this a couple nights a week at the old house, usually in the basement.  But now?  Oy vey.  Unfortunately he’s been having health trouble for a few years now, and I’m afraid he’s just not going to last much longer.  He’s lost more than half his weight, hardly eats, sleeps most of the time, won’t take care of himself, and just generally seems out of it.  But every time I pick up the phone to make the call to the vet, he rallies.  He’s the last of the cats I brought with me, and for some reason I just have a hard time with the thought of letting him go.  He’s always been a total love bug and is one of the most gentle and tolerant cats I’ve ever known.  And in his heyday he was quite a cat – he’s a Norwegian Forest Cat, has a full lion’s mane, and is about the size of a Lhasa Apso.  At one point he was near 30 pounds.

*sigh*  Back to better topics…

Another major piece of news I am now being allowed to report:  we sold our (other) house!  You’ll never guess who’s buying it.  My mom!  How’s that for everything working out perfectly!  She received a decent offer back when we were in Yellowstone and just last week the appraisal came through and everything is a go.  At least that gives me a bit of time to move everything out of that house… *grin*  Since mom will be leaving the Chi-town area, the Boy and I are flying back on Wednesday to see relatives, go to the zoo, and get (my) Chicago fix.  Then we’ll drive Mom’s car back out here on Monday.  (She hired a mover (thank heavens!) so it’s just the car.)  Wish us luck.  It’s normaly about a 13 hour drive.  I want to do it all in one day.  The Boy does really well for one day in a car.  The second day is a nightmare.  I don’t mind long road trips, so my plan is to plow through and get it all done.  Josh and mom are suspicious.  I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

Oh yeah!  I almost forgot – one last photo for you:


While our visitors were here on Friday, we spent the morning at Reptile Gardens.  The Boy will tell you all about the alligators he saw, maybe the big turtles or the snakes.  But his favorite spot was the sandbox.  Here he turned the railroad tie border into his own personal choo-choo train.  He was very sad to see “his girls” go home on Saturday morning, but we’ll see them again this weekend while we’re back in Chicago!