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I had hoped by now I’d have great photos to show you of our completed patio and walk.

We did finish the patio.  But apparently I haven’t taken a good “finish” photo.  Just one through the screen.  What’s up with that?

And we started the walk.

The Boy enjoyed helping shovel the crushed gravel.  (Don’t you love the boots/shovel the Easter Bunny brought him?  He certainly does.  The boots battle for first place in footwear with the “basketball boy shoes” (i.e. regular old tenny-runners.))

And we started laying the pavers.  But then?  Then it did this:

And it kept on doing it:

Hail.  Buckets of the stuff for a good half hour.  (Meanwhile, a mere 2 miles away all they had was rain.)  Then it just kept raining all evening long.  And in fact, I would say spring is officially here.  It’s rained every single ding-dong day since Sunday.  Which means the front walk is just a mucky muddy mess and not a nice walk yet.  And the grass seed hasn’t been spread yet either.

So, since I have nothing of note to show you from the house, how’s’about some mini-celebrity for the hubby?  I’m afraid you’ll have to click-through as I can’t figure out how to get the dang thing to embed.

In honor of baseball season we begin with this:

For the Cottingim clan who are big Cubbie fans and sent this head band with a cute Cubbies outfit back before the Boy was even 1.  (The outfit fit then.  It’s in the Girl’s closet just waiting for her to grow a bit more.)  Get well soon Uncle Bill!

The weather has been trying to turn to Spring.  Temps keep rising up in the mid-60s and the sun comes out….and then it snows. Sigh.  But during those sunny springy days, we’ve been tackling a major yard project.  (Okay, truth be told, the whole yard IS a project.)

We start with a very happy Boy in a Bobcat.  That thing in the front is a Harley Rake.  With it we did this:

That is scraped and ground up all the hard pan that resulted from us doing nothing with the yard for a year.  The idea being we would plant grass seed so we could have a decent yard come late summer.  But then we got an idea…

And we started digging (the Bobcat hellped with this area)…

And then we dug some more… (no Bobcat here, just us, some shovels, and a pick ax).

As a side note, we saw this guy hanging out by the creek.  I didn’t get a photo unti he flew off. (He’s a heron.)

Then we filled in what we’d just dug.

(Another side note – I really like those rounded edges.)

And then we started the truly back breaking work…

We managed to get this much done last night.  We’ll keep working tonight.  Once this area is done, then we still have the whole front walk to finish.  1600 paving stones (800 9″x9″ and 800 9″x6″).

Huge thanks to my mom for keeping the kids entertained and feeding us all week while we try to crank the project out.  Huge thanks to Josh’s parents for helping us dig and move the crushed gravel on Sunday.

And just so she won’t feel left out:

The Girl is getting bigger, she can reach up and grab her fishies now.  I think it’s time to get the activity bouncy-thingy out.

Oh, and the rest of the yard?  Still a muddy mess waiting for grass seed…

I intended to put up a long blog post tonight about what we’ve been doing for the last week.  But…

I was sucked into the 30-for-30 about Allen Iverson on ESPN.

So here’s a sneak peak instead: