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We survived our trip to Redfield – Pheasant Capital of the World! 


Not kidding.  We saw more of the suckers than I could count while driving out there and back.  Luckily they opted not to fly in front of our car.  Over it sometimes, barely, but we didn’t take any out.  I did want to stop to take some pictures for you, but on the way out, I was all “Dude – we’re nearly there, don’t stop” and on the way back it was “Yeesh, we’ve got how many hours?  No, we ain’t stoppin’.”  I didn’t even take a picture of the huge pheasant statue they have downtown.  Maybe in August.

But!  We did take pictures.  In fact my niece took enough to run through two sets of batteries on my camera.  I can usually make a set last a couple weeks!  The charger will be working overtime.  It probably didn’t help that she also took a ton of video – that seems to help the batteries along.

eggsColoring Easter eggs with the cousins

lunchHaving lunch after his hair cut.

basketFinding his basket (Josh’s family has a tradition of hiding the baskets).

boysGoofy boys.

oldredUh, I think you’re supposed to be finding eggs kiddo.

It was a fast trip.  Nice to see everyone, but I think we’re all glad to be back home in our own beds.  In fact the boy fell asleep at 6 o’clock last night.  I was a bit worried he’d wake up at 4 ready to go for the day, but he slept right through until almost 6:30.  Plum tuckered out I’d say.

We stopped out at the property last night.  Of course they weren’t working over the weekend, but there was some action yesterday.  The siding is nearly finished:



And they finished hanging the drywall on Friday.  The drywallers were there yesterday prepping to start taping.  (Drywallers?  Is that what they’re called?  Doesn’t seem quite right…)


First glance at the kitchen area.   Makes me drool.  They will not tape/texture fast enough for me I suspect. 

We’re picking up our fridge today, although it’ll be stashed at the campground with the flooring for awhile longer.  It was a steal of a deal that we couldn’t pass up, but it meant we had to get it now and find a place to store it.  We’re also trying to finish up the garage doors.  Josh hung the top tracks last night, but we need some more angle iron to finish it off and make it stable before it will really be done.  That and install the openers.

The weather is also bee-you-ti-ful.  In the mid-50s for a few days.  Heck, our grass is even greening up!  I’m guessing we’ll be working on decking again this week.  We still need to finish putting the front down.  And do all the railing.  And the steps.  And the whole deck on the back of the house.  Just a bit left!  *smirk*  I’m hoping to take the Boy to Bear Country on Saturday for this and have lunch with a dear friend I haven’t seen in far too long.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


We got the doors assembled and standing on Wednesday night:



I tihnk they look pretty darn good.  We still need to put up the overhead rails and the openers.  In fact, we still need to buy the openers.  The 12′ ceilings in the garage are giving us pause.  But we’ll tackle it next week.  You know – plan first.  Crazy concept!

The drywallers think they’ll finish hanging this morning.  Then the tapers should start next week. 


Here are the other two arches I was telling you about.  Pardon the blurriness.  My camera batteries were going dead and I couldn’t use a flash.


And here’s the finished living room.  I absolutely love it already.  (Do you think there are enough cable/outlet boxes on that wall?  I count 7.)

We sent the Boy off with Grandma and Grandpa this morning to Redfield.  We’ll be working half days and then following.  A weekend without any work on the house?  *gasp*  Is it possible?  Of course we’ll be back at it on Monday…see you then (well, probably Tuesday).  Have a very Hoppy Easter!

I can admit it when I’m wrong.  Really!  Despite what my husband says about me sometimes.

blownTHIS is the most horrible job in the world.  Oy vey.

Can you tell what it is?  I can’t imagine why you might not.  It’s the hopper of the machine that blows the insulation into the attic.  This is how we spent our weekend.  It’s dusty.  It’s dirty.  It’s at least not itchy.  I wish I’d taken more pictures, but while Josh was in the attic with the business end of the hose, this was my job:  grab a bale, cut it open, dump it in (*poof* of dust in the face), grab the 2×4, break up the chunks, keep stirring it up so that it feeds into the agitator to get blown up the hose into the attic.  Not a lot of time for standing around for photo ops.  We worked from about 9 am until 4 pm on Saturday and managed to get 96 out of approximately 150 bags blown in.  (Josh and his dad finished the rest of the bags on Sunday.)

Things I wish I’d taken a picture of:

  • Josh when he came out of the attic.  He looked like Frosty.  Covered head to toe in this stuff.
  • The bales of insulation.  The stuff we used comes from Miller, South Dakota – a local product for us.
  • A better picture of the actual insulation.  This one is made from recycled paper and natural fiber.  There were a lot of fun chunks with designs and text.

Oh, one more detail.  We had our 3rd blizzard in two weeks.  I thought for sure I had frost bite on my fingers by the time we got home.  And I was too depressed over the snow to bother snapping a picture of it *again*.

Here’s some other stuff I *did* take pictures of.


This is the arch entry to the dining room.  There are 2 more smaller versions of this – one just off to the left going into the kitchen, and one on the wall on the left between the kitchen and dining room.  By Monday this ought to be all covered in drywall.


Who’s this?  Does he think he’s a drywall guy?  (Uh – not so much.  Shortly after I snapped this he fell right off the dang thing.  Backwards.  Don’t worry, only thing hurt was his ego.  He was trying to climb on it again roughly 2 minutes later.)


The real drywall guys are working on the second floor.  They’ve got it almost finished up there.  I think they’re going to do a bit more on the garage today so we can put our garage doors up tomorrow.  Then they’ll move down to the first floor.

Wow what a difference drywall makes!  The rooms are really starting to take shape.  I’ll be taking over paint chips shortly to make final decisions.  I wanted to wait until the walls were up to really see how the light plays.  We finalized the trim and doors today.  Being the suckers we are, we’ll be staining all of it ourselves.  Our fabulous framers also do carpentry work, so they’ll be back to handle that end of things.


Someone did *not* fall off his ladder.  He loves ladders.  Has since he was able to walk.  I’ve got a picture of him at about a year old climbing up the ladder I was using to put up Christmas decorations.  I think he gets this from me.  My mother would certainly not argue.

We will not be going any place warm with a beach any time soon.  (Drat.)  We are however contemplating taking a drive to the opposite side of the state to see Josh’s sister’s family for Easter.  The Boy will be going no matter what with Grandma & Grandpa.  He’ll be very happy to see his cousins.  And the tractors on the farm.  Hopefully it won’t be quite so muddy this year so he can enjoy playing outside.  Since we don’t think there will be anything pressing for us to get done this weekend, we may join the crowd in Redfield.  It’s supposed to be nearly 60 degrees over there on Saturday.  That reason alone sells me on the idea.  Anybody else have grand plans for Easter?  Do you hide real eggs or fake ones?  Or are you too old for such silly fun?