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Guess what this is:


Did you say the concrete floor of our basement…FINALLY?  Huzzah!  They are supposed to be pouring the garage floor today.  After that we start the framing.  I expect that will be speedier than the concrete.  Most of the supplies are already on site, just waiting.

*Side note:  I’m reading way too much Dr. Seuss “Oh the Places You’ll Go” with the boy.  As soon as I typed “just waiting”…4 pages worth of the story rattled through my brain.  And someone please tell me if there really is a person named Mordecai Ali Van Allen O’Shay.  Because if so….wowza.  End side note*

In other news, the drain field for the septic is nearly completed.  I didn’t take a picture of it though.  The road is also now completed up to the edge of our property.  We have widened the culvert at the stream crossing (and the road on top, duh), and added a weir so if we do flood it won’t take out the culvert.  The county is now happy with us.  Thank you for that.

Josh and I are headed in to Rapid today to sign off on the window order, finalize siding colors, and maybe pick out a front door.

I know it’s been quiet around here lately, but I expect things will pick up again now.  It’s been a frustrating month full of fret that we wouldn’t get the concrete finished before our drop-dead-for-the-winter date.  I didn’t post much figuring swearing at a blog really wouldn’t be productive, eh?  If you’re still here, thanks for sticking with us.

It’s no trick.  The guys have finally been back on site!  Hurrah!

There are these new arrivals:

Trusses for the first floor.

All with this lovely stamp:

The guys also poured the footings for the posts and the stairs.  They’ll be back early next week to finish off the basement floor.  Or so they say…

In the meantime, the boys had some fun.

Dumptrucks are so so exciting.

So until next week…

(Ooo…there’s a shot of the new couch.  Not that you can really see much of it.)

(Gee, wonder who made this one?)

Sophie?  Get out of that pumpkin!

Have fun and don’t eat all the chocolate at once!

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update.  My apologies, but really, there hasn’t been much to see.  Unless you want to hear about my quest to make a great train cake for the boy’s 2nd birthday, or the treck through the highly over-rated million dollar homes my mom and I made on the Parade of Homes tour.  (Did not get nearly as many good ideas as I did the last few.)  Josh is also now the same number years as I am again.  Thank you for that.  We have also now been married for 6 years.  Where in the world has that time gone?

My mom came out for a visit last weekend (er…I guess that’s 2 weekends ago now).  Just in time for her visit, we received this:

Granted, the boy had a lot of fun shoveling the stuff.  (I think that shovel is a bit big for him, but whatevs.  Maybe Santa will bring him a smaller one.)

It hasn’t stuck around thankfully, but as we are in a bit of a rush to get the basement done and start framing, Josh and our plumber friend braved the snow to put all the basement plumbing in.  Josh has been very disappointed I hadn’t shown off all his hard work yet, so without further ado:

Here’s a labeled version of the mess:

There’s more than that, but really – you can only put in so many pictures of pipes, right?  We had a bit of a hold-up getting the inspector out to okay it all.  In fact, he never did show up.  I ended up emailing him a link to Flickr with these very photos (and a bunch more) and he okay’ed them that way.  Huh.

The foundation guys have been back out to install the insulation:

So that’s where that is.  Hopefully they will be able to pour the stair footers today or tomorrow, then lay the gravel & sand and put in the floor by the end of the week.

In other news, Josh & I did make some purchases this weekend toward the house.  First we purchased what we think is all the lights for the exterior.  I spaced it and didn’t bring the count – although I’m sure what we put in the bid was wrong.  And we weren’t going to buy those lights anyway ($130 each?  Yeah right.).  We found some we like at Menards, although neither of us is totally sold on the color.  But still.  For $18 each, I can buy some spray paint if need be and change the color.  I’m still well under budget.  And I’d love to provide you with a photo, but a) I didn’t take one before we tossed gently placed the boxes in the barn, and b) Menards online, well, frankly my friends, it sucks.

We also bought new furniture for the main living room.  The stuff we have now is all hand-me-down and at least 10 years old.  I’ve replaced the cusions and slip covered the two sofas, but they just aren’t what we want for the new house.  Also – Josh and the boy broke the recliner again not too long ago.  It’s a bit…lopsided when reclined.

I’ve had in mind a reclining couch that didn’t look like one of those overstuffed beheamoths and a couple club chairs – all in shades of brown.  We found a very nice couch that isn’t TOO overstuffed and is green, but was about $300 cheaper than the one I had my eye on.  I can adapt for that.  We also ordered the two club chairs (ya know, I’m not sure if they are exactly club chairs, but oh well, that’s what I’m calling them) which are also reclining.  We will be losing probably one seating spot with the elimination of a love seat.  I’m considering some of those nice upholstered storage cubes as a coffee table/kids climbing gym which can double as seating when we really need it.  Anyway…the couch will be delivered tomorrow, and I’m very much looking forward to catching up on some tv time while reclining.  The chairs will get here, oh maybe around Christmas if we’re lucky.

With that, I’ll leave you one final image for consideration:

“Any requests?”