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Please forgive me.  I did not clean up his room before I took these…but at least they’re in focus.

Boy1Looking in from the door.  Didn’t I tell you if we added any more stuffed animals there wouldn’t be room for him?  And yes, it’s a Denver Broncos quilt.  It’s a log cabin pattern and I made it for Josh way back in 2000.  The center of every block is a Broncos helmet.  The oranges/blues are just coordinating fabric, nothing NFL-ish.  It’s the first quilt I ever made (and woo boy can you tell) and it’s roughly 10 feet square.  Crazy.  Machine pieced and machine quilted by moi.  I don’t have the patience to do it by hand.  I plan to make the Boy his own quilt in the next, oh, sometime.  But why let this one go to waste in a closet?  (We used it on our bed for a time until I made a new (non-Bronco) one.  Then it hung in our basement in the “blue room” with the rest of the Broncos stuff.  We don’t have a wall for it anymore.  Except the foyer.  And I.Don’t.Think.So.)

The poster hanging over his bed came from the Grand Canyon Railway.  It’s a reproduction of a 32 foot wide oil painting that hangs in Spenser’s Pub.  It’s titled “The Trip” and unfortunately I can’t remember the artist right now so I can’t find an online version to show you a better close up.

I made those curtains too.  They’re blue crushed velvet.  I actually made 2 pairs, these and a longer pair.  They hung in the blue room in our old basement as well.  The long ones covered the sliding glass doors.  Eventually I’ll snag them back from mom and use them in here like the brown ones in the baby’s room.  But for now these work.  Kinda. (They’re a smidge short.)


Here’s the other half of the room.  Don’t’cha just love the elephant humidifier?

There are only a few things missing from this room.  I’d like to put the baseball border back up between the two blues.  It was supposed to be a use-reuse kinda border, but I guess when Josh took it down at the old house it was not so reusable.  I have 75% of a full roll so I just need to remember to grab another roll from Menards.  Provided they still have it. (Looks like if they don’t, I can get it online.)

I’d also like to add a chalkboard area on the wall on the right as you come in.  (Oh, that’s where Starry Night hangs as well.)  It’s a big blank area that’s great for playing.  I’m thinking of just getting an 1/8″ thick piece of fiber board or some such and painting it with chalkboard paint then adding trim around it with a rail on top for the chalk.  Hmmm….someone has a birthday coming up.  Maybe I should get on that.

Two other fun things in the room…


This clock was Josh’s when he was growing up.  He says there was a bank too, but that must have been lost at some point.  I need to find a battery to see if it still works (it’s a weird sized battery), but since the Boy can’t tell time, there’s no hurry.

HorseAnd this horse was mine growing up.  His tail is a bit ratty and his ears are missing, but the Boy loves him.  Right now he’s acting as a step-stool to help him get up on the bed.  In fact here’s a shot of the cute one from a short year ago enjoying his Horsie in the blue room:


So that’s the Boy’s room.  What next? What next?  Bathrooms or Bonus room….seems I’m on a “B” kick.  I feel like Mr. Knox sir. (When Tweedle Beetles battle in a puddle in a bottle…)

As expected, Mother Nature decided everyone ought to really spend Saturday admiring the inside of our house rather than the outside.  Starting Friday night, the skies opened and buckets of rain came pouring down.  Seriously.  I haven’t witnessed that much rain in these parts since May.  It was kind enough to stop raining around 4, and the sun even made a brief appearance.  However the temps didn’t come much above 50 degrees all day.

Even still, we had over 40 people show (including kids) and from the comments I’ve heard they all had a smashing good time.  The food was delish.  The company delightful.  We talked about all of you who didn’t come.  A few brave souls even had a campfire for a bit.

And I didn’t take a single stinking picture!

But I believe my mom did.  So maybe she’ll send me some and then I can post them to embarrass the folks who were caught with their mouths half stuffed.

So if I have no photos why the post?  Because I did take some pictures before everyone arrived!  Let’s start today with the baby’s room, shall we?


This would be straight in the door.  The dresser is really a changing table.  But I can’t find the changer part at the moment.  I suspect it’s still in Josh’s parents barn (hopefully with my Christmas ornaments and the baby bathtub that I also know are MIA).  I lurve the curtains.  They’re a rich chocolate velvet.  Orignally nearly $40 a piece, I randomly found them on the clearance cart when I walked into Lowe’s one day.


This cutey was my brothers when he was a tot.  He now hangs between the door and the closet.  That little mirror is just perfect for tiny faces.


And here’s the other half of the room.  Please pardon the poor state of the rocker.  The cats decided it was a scratching post many years ago when it was relegated to the basement of the first house, before said basement was finished.  I’d really like to slip cover it in more chocolaty brown velvet, but I don’t see me finding the time to make such a thing and when I looked at one at Tar-zhay?  Oy vey!  I’m not spending that much.

The crib is currently housing a random collection of stuffed animals.  You can see Tigger.  And a bit of Raggedy Ann.  And the dirty white in the front right is a poor Mistletoe Bear who was loved to the point of being unworthy of the rest of the collection.  I just tossed ’em all in there for now.  If the Boy had his way, they’d all be on his bed, but then there’d be no room for him.  I’m not sure where they will land in the end.

We also have a mural I need to put up.  I won it in a blog giveaway.  Hoorah for freebies!  You can find it here.  It has so many fun characters!  And it’s that easily removable vinyl.  I sort of don’t want to put it on the wall.  Because once it goes up, if it comes down it’s done.  So I’m debating getting some art canvases, painting them with the wall colors, and then giving some of the critters a home that way.  Then I can move them about.  Or at least keep them whole for a bit longer than I suspect two small children would normally allow.

I’m not adding much more “art” to the walls at this point.  We’ll wait to see what the end of October brings – more blue or the addition of pink.  For now we’re sticking with the chocolate and cream or white. (Okay, and a smidge of sage green from things we picked up when the boy was born.  Like the basket liners and the ottoman.)

That’s all for today.  Up next – the Boy’s bedroom of blue!

Did you think I’d forgotten?  Or that I was still buried in boxes…


Well, there’s one room we’ve managed to unpack and finish the mini-projects.  (Oh, and hi there Sophie.  You are not camera shy, are you?)


I need to get that poster framed.  I bought it in…2005?  I think?  I do know I bought it while in Reno, NV at the National KOA Convention.  Might have been 2003. *shrug*  We bought a bunch of posters while there, but I have yet to get more than 1 framed.  Oops, that’s not quite true.  There’s at least 1 more I framed that’s hanging in Josh’s office.  Anyway…  The problem with this particular poster is, well, that it’s HUGE.  Like 5′ by 3′ I think.  That ain’t cheap.  And they don’t make kit frames that big, so it’s going to take a custom job.  One of these days when I’m feeling like I have some spending money back in the bank I’ll take it to Hobby Lobby when they have their half price custom framing sale.  Until then?  Thumbtacks and ugly white border it is.

There are still a few things I’d like to do in this room.  Add a tall cabinet next to the sink for cleaning supplies and to hold things like the mop and broom.  Maybe cabinets above the washer/dryer (although I kind of like not having them up there right now).  That big empty space next to the washer is housing the cats food and water bowls.  I’d like to get a raised or wall mounted stand for those.  But that’s it.  Everything I can think of that should go in this room is there.  And nothing that shouldn’t be.

We’ll see if I can’t knock off another room or two over the weekend…