Well, I guess it would probably be better stated “who the heck are we?”

Welcome to our little corner of the bloggy universe.  We’re new at this thing.  And to be honest, let’s not bother with the we stuff.  Because I’m quite sure 99.99% of this blog will be done by me and not my perfectly capable, but totally uninterested hubby.  It’s just three of us here so far – Britt, Josh, and the boy, Leo.  We live in a small town in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Josh was born and raised here.  I arrived via a longer, circuitous route.  Born and raised outside of Chicago, Illinois, I met Josh when we were both in the state of Missouri.  Josh moved back in 2000, I came in 2001.  Because really, it’s rather difficult to have a meaningful relationship 4 states apart.  We married in 2002 and Leo arrived in 2006.

Josh & I are both engineers by education.  Which may be dangerous when it comes to this project.  But we both now work in the tourist industry here in the Hills.  I lend my skills to environmental management which leads to the interesting and challenging goal of building a green house on a rather strict budget.

So please, pull up a chair, a few snacks, and your beverage of choice and join us in this folly as we attempt to build our dream house without drowning in debt.