I think this might have been my kids’ favorite Christmas present. (Thanks Uncle Chub!)

01 05 2013

THAT, my friends, is a 2.5 POUND chocolate Santa. And it has taken this long for me to open him up. He came via mail, so unfortunately his feet were already shattered. At the same time, how convenient – small pieces to appease the savages while I figured out how to deal with him. And take photos. Luckily, my kids are just as vicious when it comes to chocolate as I am. After the photo op I suggested we smash him into pieces. They asked if they could help. While he was at least hollow, the chocolate was still rather thick and required me to break out the Big Knife. What does 2.5 pounds of chocolate Santa look like after being smashed to bits?

01 05 2013b

Tasty. That’s what. So what’s next? Cookies? Hot Chocolate? Fudge? Or just keep noshing on him straight?