Today, we celebrated my Mom’s birthday a day early. We enjoyed an early dinner at the Fuji Steakhouse – a new Japanese place similar to Benihana. The kind where they cook right at your table.


It was fun and the kids of every age enjoyed the show. Our entrees were super yummy too. The dinners included salad, soup, rice, veggies, and your choice of meat. Our group chose chicken, shrimp, steak, and calamari. And plenty of leftovers to bring home. (Mmmm – leftover fried rice! My favorite breakfast!)

The kids’ favorite part was the chopsticks! The server was kind enough to set them both up with “learner chops” – rubberbanded at the top with the wrapper rolled up and inserted just below the rubberband to keep them in the V shape.

And of course, the birthday girl was treated to a serenade and cupcakes!


After dinner we sent the boys and the kids home. My mom, Josh’s mom, and I went to see Les Mis. I know it’s been criticized for the singing but we all found it to be a wonderful movie. The makeup and scenery was amazing and I would wager there will be at least a few Oscar noms.

It was a great way to kick off our weekend!