Hello constant reader. (Apologies to Stephen King.) (There must be at least one of you still out there, right? Mom?) You may have noticed this here blog has been a bit…inactive…for the last year. Here’s the deal. Since the Girl was born, I have been doing Project Life. It’s a photo a day documentation dealio. Not really a “scrapbook” in the traditional sense. More a hodgepodge of photos and stories. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. And since we haven’t been working on building the house non-stop, it’s replaced this blog. Because for the most part our day-to-day life is pretty, um, normal. But I also miss *waving around at the mess of this blog* this. And so, for 2013, I am going to post my Project Life here as well. It may not be EXACTLY the same as what makes it into our book. It might be more. It might be a story I didn’t have room to tell. Or I might be lazy and it’s exactly the same. I will also likely fall a bit behind at some point. Duh. But, hopefully, instead of wracking my brain for something “fascinating” to say, I’ll just get back to sharing a bit of our crazy life with you. Because it might be crazy, but it sure is fun. And so, without further adieu…

January 1st. Happy happy New Year! Welcome 2013! Of course we all stayed up much too late. Enjoyed noshing on yummies. Missed Dick Clark. Whined about Fergie and Ryan Seacrest. Some whined about the music these days. We even went to a movie (Rise of the Guardians, if you must know. We liked it. Never would have guessed Alec Baldwin was Santa.). The kids had a sleepover with Grandma. Josh and I enjoyed the company of good friends. But all the fun yesterday left us all a little off our game today.

The kids have been bugging me to let them sleep in a tent. Inside of course: blame the single digit, potentially negative, degree temperatures. Since this is the official last night of our break (fine, fine, last night of MY break. The Boy doesn’t go back to school until Thursday, and Josh has been working on and off the last two weeks. I’m the one pouting.) I told them IF they cleaned up all their toys upstairs, I would let them sleep in the tent. With a little encouragement, they put everything in it’s place. Or shoved it someplace I couldn’t see it.

ImageUp the tent went. In came the sleeping bags. In came the blankets. In came pillows. Glo-glo pets. Night lights. Flash lights. A cat. (No really. A live one. Hi Sophie of the glowing eyes!) And then it all fell to pieces. What you see here are not two sweetly sleeping kids. It is mid-young-child-breakdown. Because Mama is nothing if not snapping a photo of this mess. They are both crying their eyes out (and the one in pink is wailing at the top of her lungs as well.

The Girl lost it because I told her if she wanted all her junk in that tent she might as well sleep in her room. (Junk she wanted: baby doll crib. Cabbage Patch Doll (2?). Backpack (the big kind with wheels). Bag full of doll clothes. Books. I’m sure there was more but that was when I put my foot down.) The Boy decided he missed his room and had no interest in sleeping in the tent. Of course he was so tired, this was not communicated in a calm rational “Mama? I think I want to sleep in my room instead.” Ooooh no. It was a full on hiccup inducing tear fest.

After tears were soothed, stories were read in the tent (thanks Papa). Then each kid was delivered to their own bed for a (hopefully) restful night of sleep. The tent shall spend the night in the bonus room, likely with at least one cat enjoying it’s empty confines, until the kids wake in the morning and decide to play before we head off to our regularly scheduled programming.

Hope you and yours have had a fabulous holiday and are ready to get back to “normal”. See you soon!