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Good grief! It’s not Halloween! Why is this place so gloomy? Oops, guess that was my fault. I’ve been out and about and not tending the place. Sorry ’bout that! *shakes out the cobwebs, turns on some twinkle lights, and throws some cookies in the oven* There, that’s better.

Thanks to Jen, I’m back. And it’s time for our annual festive Happy Holiday post! Thanks for hosting another Holiday Homes tour, Jen. You can check out my past posts here, here, here, and here.

You might want to go check out that last one because, honestly? There isn’t much different this year. The upstairs hallway is swinging again. The 12 days are filling the kitchen windows. Our holiday card wreath is back. The foyer has the monster Santa Bear tree.


I did switch up our main tree again. I find it strange that for years I adored my simple red and silver holiday theme and now I find it a bit boring and staid. Last year I went with green and blue. This year teal and red.


We let the kids decorate the tree this year. And then we had to redecorate since, being 6 and 3, no ornament was hung hire than about 3′. Still. They loved pulling the ornaments out and hearing all the stories behind them.

We’re doing our activity based advent calendar again this year. But we added in the Lego advent calendars as well.


My kids are Lego OBSESSED. I am Lego infuriated. Those advent calendars are full of all the most itty-bitty pieces possible. 24 days worth of itty bitty pieces. All over my house. And I’ll be honest? You’re not seeing more pictures in part because we have been so darn busy this holiday season that my house is crazy trashed. The good news is I am done working for the year. I will be celebrating my vacation by cleaning my house. And finishing up multiple projects. Like wrapping. And teacher gifts. And let’s not forget today is the kindergarten holiday party and I will be attending.

Since I’m so sparse in the holiday decorating sharing, how ’bout something a little different instead? Those of you who have been here for awhile know I am part of a great group of ladies who spend our Sunday evenings getting our tappity-tap-tap dance on. We decided this year to take our show on the road. Literally. We pulled together a float for the Annual Festival of Lights Parade. And my family was kind enough to video it for us, so here it is for you. (I love their enthusiasm! And I’m the one bringing up the rear.)

We danced to Mannheim Steamroller’s Faeries (really, the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy). We danced for nearly 2 hours straight. And it was! It certainly helped that as we moved along the parade route we were greeted with incredible cheers and applause.

I hope, wherever this holiday finds you, you are surrounded by family, friends, love, and good cheer. May today not only NOT be the end of the world, but the beginning of a wonderful, beautiful, fantabulous season of life for us all.