One of my favorite blogs posted a video the other day that has had me thinking. Here’s the video:

First of all, the setting in Chicago alone makes me melancholy. I could never live full time in Chicago.  But I still think of it as “home”. I’m not one of those who has one single place that is THE home. Here is home. Chicago is home. The town I grew up in is home. The town I went to school in is home. Each in a different way. And I think this video maybe led me to the reason – they each hold dear memories for me.

So what is your most wonderful memory? I’m afraid I just couldn’t come up with one single memory. So please, bear with me…

Riding big wheels, catching fireflies and playing hide and go seek with all the neighborhood kids. (This happens to be one of my birthdays. But all my favorite people are there.)

My  Aunt Rose & Uncle Chub’s house in Rolling Meadows (and the ever present Jelly Bellys). This is my brother and I skating on the pond just across the street from their house. I apparently have not scanned a better photo yet.

The box of leaves Aunt Rose and Uncle Chub sent us when we couldn’t make it to their house one fall. (This photo was taken at their house. I think. Based on the background.)

Christmas at Grandma’s every year. And especially the year Karen and I were snowed in there. (I’m front right in this photo. In case you couldn’t tell. My brother is the cool kid rockin’ the blue denim suit.)

Swimming at Uncle Martin & Aunt Marge’s. Who can see the green roof first?!

Running through the pigeons in Chicago. (Um, yeah. Obvs not Chicago; St. Mark’s in Venice. But I don’t have a photo of me and the pigeons in Chicago. When we went to Italy I HAD to do this.)

Nights babysitting in Sheridan

…although yeah, probably not for the babysitting part. (Ah, the joys and heartbreaks of first love.)

Is that a Crown on Your Head (Or have you been eating imperial margarine again), Improv, 47th Street. (These were summer acting groups I was a part of. So glad I could reconnect with these friends via FB! Hi, Amy! Hi, Eric! Hi, Jason!)

Snowball (See comment above about reconnecting via FB.)

Copper Country Cruisin’ and waterfalls in da UP, eh.

Summer nights at the ball photos. (What? This was before the digital age!)

My wedding day. Times 100.

Strolling the streets of Rome, Venice, and Tuscany with my husband.

The Boy’s arrival. x1000. (Can you say perma-grin?)

The Girl’s arrival. Also x1000.

Putting my kids to bed – when they most want to snuggle. No photos….yet.

Taking the kids to Chicago. (Really want to go back for the holidays. Christmas in Chicago is my favoritist.)

Our trip to California.

Our trip to Glacier.

And so many more…It seems my favorite memories are those that bring me closer to my friends and family.

While that video has me looking back mostly, it also has me looking forward, to the memories I know are to come. Growing old with my hubby. Watching our kids grow. The trips we’ll take. The adventures, big and small. The everyday traditions that I know I’ll look back on and smile about.

So how about you? What’s your favorite memory?