How’s everyone surviving the heat? It’s finally cooling off here, with highs in the 80’s. Thank goodness too. I was starting to think I was going to melt. On the plus side, I haven’t had to worry much about my garden freezing yet. (First frost last year was July 24th. Eep!)

Despite the heat, we’ve been rather busy. Last week my brother and his family came to visit us. I have some hilarity from that to share with you later. The kids and I also braved the Duck Race in 100+ degree heat on Sunday. Oof. I’d post something about that, but it rather looked just like this. (Scroll down about half way.) And this week my aunt and her daughter are here.

What I really want to talk about is my new dessert obsession. It’s easy. It involves flames. There’s little clean up. AND I’m using up leftovers. I’m not sure what to call it yet though. So let’s work through this…

When you think of summers and desserts, most people think ice cream first. Followed shortly by s’mores, of course. Because what is more summer than campfires and pyromania s’mores?

May I ask you a personal question? Please?

What kind of marshmallow roaster are you?

Are you like my husband and the Boy? Slowly and gently bringing the puffed sugary goodness near the flames until it’s what AB would call “GBD” (Golden Brown Delicious)? Or do you go after those little pillows with total abandon, lighting them on fire as soon as you can? Or are you like my brother and I – first toasting them to get the perfect melty consistency on the inside, then lighting them on fire for a crunchy outside? (Yes this approach infuriates my husband and causes the Boy to cry “Eww!” Heh. More marshmallows for me then.)(Also, yes, carcinogens carshminigans. I don’t care.)

So last week while said Brother was in town, I was rummaging through the snack cabinet for the s’more fixin’s when I came across a pack of holiday leftovers. Something in my brain lurched. A genius idea was formed.

Hello Peep. Sorry we think you’re actually kinda gross at Easter.

It’s a marshmallow. With a sugar coating. Works well when chopped up and added to brownie batter. Much to sugary sweet to be eaten alone. Unless you’re 4.

When I am not playing outdoors with fire, my absolute favorite dessert is creme brulee (pardon my lack of umlauts). The custard dessert with the crunchy burnt sugar top. And so…

One Peep + One campfire…

(As Diego would say: “I’m burnin’ baby! Burnin’!”)

And here is where my marshmallow roasting approach pays off. First, a slow roast to get the Peep warm and gooey on the inside. Then a quick run through the flames to ensure the sugar coating is melted and a bit burned.


The result? A Creme Brulee marshmallow. Warm and gooey on the inside, crunchy on the outside. Eat as is or add to your favorite s’more combo (dark chocolate plus graham cracker for us).

You can say it. Total genius. Now to keep my kids from eating the Peeps before I can roast them.

Next on my s’mores experiment list:  peanut butter cups instead of plain old chocolate. Or maybe peppermint patties…

Any one else a budding pyromaniac s’more connoiseur?  What’s your favorite s’more combination?