Last Friday I completed one more trip around the sun. For those of you keeping count, this was #37. Thank you so much for all the emails, phone calls, and cards. I love you guys!

Of course the grand occasion of a birthday can mean only one thing. Cake? Nah. A party? Nah (okay, yes, but that’s another post). New art for the frames!

First up, a quote from one of my favorite sports characters:

Before I had access to Netflix streaming videos, I would watch Mike & Mike every morning while running to nowhere on my treadmill. If you haven’t read his book Why My Wife Thinks I’m an Idiot, you should. It’s hilarious. Whether you’re a sports fan or not. And if you’re married to, engaged to, dating, or just drooling over a sports nut, then consider this your guidebook. I found an image like this on Pinterest, but it was small and I couldn’t find the original so I recreated it.

This one I also found on Pinterest, original source here. Cupacake! Sparklers! Perfect for a July birthday!

And lastly…

Inspired by another I found at Etsy, but customized for ME. I’m envisioning using it for the other birthdays in our household, with an appropriate amount of candles at the top. (Uh, yeah, I left off the 30 and kept the 7. Seemed prudent.) If you want one, say so in the comments and I’ll email the big image to you.

My family, as usual, spoiled me rotten for my birthday. The kids smothered me in hugs and kisses and happy birthdays along with hand made cards. My mom bought me the bike basket I’ve been wanting (photos later) along with a cool Frank Lloyd Wright frame, and a FLW notepad. My hubby spoiled me with the rocking chairs I’ve been begging for for the front porch (photos…later). And my sister-in-law spoiled me with the birth of a brand new nephew to share my birthday.

I’ve quite a few updates waiting to be posted. Craftiness. Craziness. Cuteness. Just keep your pants on, they’re coming as quickly as I can. It’s summer! Who wants to spend the evening on the computer writing blog posts? We’d much rather be swinging, biking, and swatting mosquitoes. So yeah…they’re coming, slowly but surely.