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It’s time again:

Feel free to guess what I’m working on!

Also – my recent music obsession. Fun for Friday Night, no?

Enjoy your weekend! Ours is forecast to be hot and steamy. I see some pool time in our future…

(Homemade photobooth fun – July 9, 2011. And yes, we were the only adults secure enough in our egos to do this. My girlfriends are teh awwwwsome.)

Remember this post? Come on now, it wasn’t THAT long ago!

Anywho. I commented at the end how I loved the posters that were created for Cars2 and that I had a crafty idea for them. This one was relatively easy to crank out. There was some lively discussion about the appropriate way to affix the end result to the wall, but in the end, I think it turned out just great.

Oy. There’s a lot going on in this photo (say hi to Holly there on the bed if you can find her). The Cars2 art is there over the head of the bed. Here’s a detail construction shot.

I simply resized the photos to 5×7, made a stop by Michaels (where frames were on sale AND I had a 20% off coupon) for 15 cheap, non-matted 5×7 frames, and set them up in the order I liked. Josh cut a piece of wood to the same size as the frames and spray painted the edges black (ooo! Spray paint! Isn’t that all the rage right now?). Then I glued the frames down on the board. Josh added a couple sawtooth hangars to the back, and up it went. Quick, easy, cheap and most important…

The Boy loves it. He talks about the characters, he talks about the races, he talks about the places, and he talks about how fun it was to go to the movies. That’s my boy!