Y’all know that the Boy is totally obsessed with Cars, right? And y’all knew that Cars 2 came out in theaters on June 24th, right? (No? You didn’t have that marked on your calendar? *pshaw*)

We decided back when we first heard about Cars 2 coming that this would be the Boy’s first big movie experience. As in actual trip to the theater. And it’s all he’s talked about for the last few months. In fact, given the chance, he will sit and watch the Cars 2 trailers on repeat for hours on end (no we don’t let him). However, June 24th was last Friday…when we were in Cody. Without babysitter service (ie Grandparents). So we made a plan – we’d go see the movie on Monday night when we could also take our 11 year old niece with us who’s here visiting.

And so we did. Kinda.

The Boy, the Cousin, and I all went. Unfortunately, Josh was stuck at his parents’ house. We had a pretty major hail storm come through the area over the weekend that knocked out a major area of phone lines. Then Monday some idiot cut the main fiber optic trunk of the major phone/data provider for the Hills. And apparently, there ain’t no back-up Bob. Josh’s parents happen to have internet that is NOT provided through this company. So Josh spent a significant portion of the day at their house with his radio, a phone, and his laptop checking folks in to the campground. The good people at Qwest didn’t get the entire situation fixed until about 6pm (local phones came back around 1, long distance a little later). As I’m a bit of a movie snob and also don’t think 3D movies are worth the extra they make you pay, we were opting for a 2D viewing. That meant 5:25 or 8pm. Yeah, not taking a 4 year old to an 8 pm movie thanks. I tried to get the Boy to wait a day, but yeesh. We’d talked this up so much there was no having it. I told Josh we could go to the 6:45 3D version, but he said just go…so we went.

I know the reviews out there say this movie is horrible. Don’t believe them! You should go just for the visual treat. There are scenes from major cities around the world including Tokyo, Lodon, and Paris. I swear there were times I forgot I was watching an animated movie. Pixar definitely sets the bar on believable animation. (And you should definitely go read this article over at Scientific American.) And the “adaptations” of very well known landmarks to car-ified versions is wonderful. Did Disney/Pixar make this movie as a vehicle for more merchandise sales? Yeah, probably. Is the plot a bit contrived? Sure. But it’s a KIDS MOVIE. It was readily obvious to me that this was geared to the kids who were 4ish when the first one came out. Just complicated enough to not be a “baby” movie, but not sophisticated by any means. And plenty of just-for-fun scenes for the younger crowd. My 4 year old loved it. The 11 year old thought it was fun. And so did I. The characters are loveable and fun (I missed Paul Newman and Geroge Carlin, but loved the addition of Eddie Izzard and Michael Caine). And in typical Pixar fashion, the movie has a wonderful moral (and not just the overt anit-big oil theme people keep mentioning).

How did the whole experience go? First – WHAT is the deal with people taking babies to movies? Babies: as in 1 and under. If I wanted that experience I’d wait until it came out on DVD and watch it at home with my own kid screaming in the background. (While this is “less offensive” at an obvious kids movie, we were subjected to a roughly 3 month old at X-Men: First Class not long ago. W.T.F.) Anywho. One of the Boy’s first comments when the half hour of commercials and previews started (‘nother peeve. And I love previews…) was “Mama, it’s loud!” Yup. And it has to be. Because of all the babies crying and people getting up and down and kids talking in normal voices through the whole movie. Yeah, I expect kids to be kids and ask questions during a movie (and have to pee). I also expect parents to be parents and hush them and answer in whispered tones. Obviously I’m an idiot. Hey! At least with all the low level racket you didn’t notice the folks texting! *snort*

The Boy’s other major comment? “Mama…that tv is huuuuuge!” Yes it is. And no, we won’t be getting one.

Also experienced:

Popcorn as big as you are.

And his final comment: “Mama, are we going to come again tomorrow?” Nope kiddo. We aren’t. But maybe we’ll come back this weekend so Papa can come too. And yes son, we probably will buy the DVD. At Target. You know me so well.

Last comment on the subject. The marketing on this movie was incredible. But also very high class. I’m planning a craft project for the Boy’s room based on the vintage style international “poster” series. As far as I can tell, they weren’t actually posters, but poster images released around the web. You can see the series here. More on that when I “GIT ‘ER DONE!