Are you ready for a big day? I’m not sure everyone on the trip was.

However, since the three of us were sharing one bedroom and mom was on the couch…once one of us was up, everyone was.

We enjoyed some breakfast and a bit of lounging around time before hitting the road to head over to my…um. Wait I need to look this up…first cousin once removed’s house. That’s just way to wordy. Let’s just call her Sara, okay? Because, yup, that’s her name. She’s my cousin’s daughter. The cousin from the last post. Oh yeesh. Let’s just do this now okay?

We stayed at my Aunt Edna’s house. She’s my dad’s sister. She has two daughters, Jennette and Kathy, my cousins. Jennette is married to Rick and they have a son Luke and daughter Sara, my first cousins once removed. Luke has a daughter Little C and also an adopted son Big C. Sara’s boyfriend Bob has a daughter K who you’ll meet tomorrow, I think. For the record, Kathy has 4 kids too. But they’re lazy bums and didn’t come with her to visit us, so we’re leaving them out of this, along with my Aunt Edna’s boys. Confused? Good. (And yes, I’m fine using adult names ’round these parts but those under the age of 18 shall remain nameless.)

So where were we? Oh yes, heading over to Sara’s. Sara has a budding portrait photography business and graciously offered to take my kids photos for, and I quote, “the family rate of free.” Well who am I to argue? So we made a quick stop to pick up Jennette and Big C and then on to Sara’s! Unfortunately the Girl was in a mood and did NOT want her picture taken. Fancy that. Normally she’s the ham and I was envisioning the bribery I would have to heap on the Boy. Silly me. And of course 16 month olds aren’t exactly bribe-able are they? But we took a bunch of photos and ended up with some cute stuff. Which I have also been totally slacking on. Goal for this weekend: Decide what images I want prints of. (If you’re a Facebook friend, I shared the link to the photos. Feel free to suggest your favorites.)

After the modeling session was over, it was time for lunch. We bopped up the road to a small local cafe. The gyro sandwich caught my eye, but I’m always suspicious. So I asked our waitress if it came with shaved meat or if it was more like a burger (it was listed amongst the burgers). “Oh, you mean the jy-ro? No, it’s sliced.” Ah what the heck, I ordered it anyway. Sara was nice enough to inform me after the fact that the owner is of Greek nationality. And the sandwich was awesome yummy. The kids enjoyed the penny machines (um, which of course aren’t penny machines anymore. More like quarter or fifty cent or even dollar machines.)

And now? Now the REAL fun begins. And I’m sorry, but I’m just going to load up a bunch of photos. Because I’m pretty sure you can figure it out for yourself.

(This last photo taken by Sara.)

Luke and Rick are both volunteer members of the  local fire station. Luke was gracious enough to open the firehall and let our kids climb all over everything. And check out a hose. The Boy seriously did not know what to do with himself. And even the Girl got in on the action.

But wait! The day is not even close to over yet…are you ready to keep going? I am, but I think this post is a bit long. So why don’t we take a break and I’ll write another one for the rest. What?!? Two posts in one day? Please don’t go into shock.