I don’t think that title means what I think it means…but moving on.

How many of you live around farms? I wonder if this is a crazy Illinois thing, if it happens the world over, or if my relatives just seem to attract these folks. It seems there’s always some goofy guy down the road from my relatives who decides that besides the normal passal of livestock, they also need some exotic creatures. Like this.

Yes a camel. Or lets say a whole half dozen of camels. This guy was actually bottle fed by Luke and is semi-tame. He didn’t seem so tame to me, but the Boy did get up the nerve to pet him.

But the memorable part of this beast is that he did this, um, THING. This thing that apparently camels do. With their tongues. Prepare yourself.

Gah! Yes that is it’s tongue! Apparently when camels drink, they can store water in their tongue. This guy kept sticking his tongue out at us and basically blowing raspberries. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in a very very very long time. And the Boy said “I am never going to see the camels again.” Quite decisive. Let’s cleanse our pallets…


And now, for the second highlight of the day for the Boy. Jennette and Rick are still actively farming. And so the Boy had the pleasure and the¬†privilege of “chores”.

Sheer torture, you can tell.

We stayed and enjoyed a wonderful grilled dinner at their house that night along with Luke, Big C, Little C, Sara, Bob, K, and Aunt Edna. We chatted, the kids played, and then we went home and crashed.

So where are we now? Oh yes, Monday. We’ll call this a day of recovery. We slept in a bit (just a bit – my kids are creatures of habit), watched some tv, and Kathy drove down to spend the day with us. In the afternoon we headed over to the next biggish city and stopped at a Dick Blicks outlet. I picked up a notebook for me, a small Crayola water paint set for the Boy and a set of concentrated water paint pigments that was on super clearance. I figured once the cheapo Crayola one was used up I could refill the pots with the well rationed good stuff.

Monday was also laundry day. Including car seats. Because holy moly people. I think 80% of the food we handed the Girl during the trip was not, in fact, put in to her mouth, but instead squirreled away under her butt. It was disgusting. For as much time as we spend in that car though, my kids never seem to truly tire of their seats.

Oh yes, there were balloons as well. I feel as though this photo makes my Aunt’s house look cluttered. But 99.9% of the crap in this photo is ours. You can see both the travel bags I made in there too!

Family dinner Monday night with the whole crowd. So much fun. And then it was time to crash because early tomorrow morning we head to Chicago! (My kind of town…)

Meet you there tomorrow!