Life is so crazy. Really. I start to feel like we’re all nice and cozy in a routine, and them BAM! Crazy cray cray.

I did a whole bunch of this last week:

Yes, “artsy” photo taking. But also swimming. Definitely not a bad way to start your morning. Air temps in the 50’s at 6 am. Water temps in the 80s. Yes please.

If you hadn’t guessed, it was my annual trek to sunny Californ-i-a to visit Death Valley. Much work ensued, I promise. But I also finally had an extra hour or so to visit Badwater.

What’s this? Snow? In Death Valley? No no of course not.

It’s salt. (And some very salty water.) Cool feathery salt. Large square chunky salt. Salt of all sorts.

Also nifty? (I was going to say “also cool” but, um, it was in the 80s. It was actually rather warm.)

The view walking back towards the road and our car. Note the red arrow.

(That says “Sea Level” in case ya couldn’t tell.)

Want to know what was not cool?

Approximately 8:06 am Pacific Time, Friday, February 25th.

(Gratuitous Golf Course Photo for Josh)

Approximately 2 pm Mountain time, Friday, February 25th.

Are you kidding me?!? Upon landing, digging my hat and mittens out of my luggage, tromping through 18″ drifts of snow to find my car (while NOT wearing snow boots. Please see photo #1), brushing 8″ of snow off the top of my car, and finally getting started and on the road I called my mom (who had my kids) and told her to forget it. Tell Josh thanks for a great time, but I’m getting back on the plane to California. Goodbye and good luck.

But no, I stuck it out. Because I have other places to go and people to see.  I will have been home for exactly 162 hours before we head back out on the road. That’s right folks, I arrived in South Dakota at 2pm local time Friday 2/25 and will depart at 7:30ish local time on Friday 3/4. Tomorrow morning starts our marathon trek to see family and have fun in Illinois and Milwaukee.

And of course because I am completely and totally nuts, I started a crafty project last night. I did get more than half way through it! Wanna see?

It’s a cute (and totally reversible!) little bag we can slip around the headrest of the car so the kids can have all their “stuff” right at their fingertips during our (probably) 15 hour car ride. Need a model?

Dang, he looks so growed up.
What’s that? Why no, as a matter of fact, football season never ends at our house.

The Boy’s is finished. It’s made with leftover Michael Miller fabric from his Dick & Jane line. Leftovers from when I made my mom’s quilt. I still need to finish the one for the Girl – it’ll match her art notebook. But I have all the pieces cut out so sewing it together should go relatively quickly tonight. (knock on wood) And yes, she’s still cute as ever.

And look at that. The kids match today. Totally didn’t plan that. But cute. And Josh is wearing his Bronco’s sweatshirt as well. Huh. Now I feel left out.

Anyway. Since it’s March…

New frames! The subway art is from here. The Keep Calm Shamrock I made myself, although I think you can find them around on the intarwebs. The middle is a photo of the green river in Chicago. You did know they turn the Chicago River green for St. Patrick’s Day, right? Wish we were going to be there to see it this year…

So that’s that. A little smattering of everything that’s been going on for the last couple weeks. Hope all is well and more spring-ish wherever you may be. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a few posts up from the road of all the crazy mis-adventures I suspect we’re going to find. If we’re headed your way – see you soon!