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Hello all,

Did you survive the holiday season?  Did Santa bring you everything you ever wanted?  He sure made a hit over here!

We did some of this:

We’re still doing this.  But standing up.  And backwards…

And a whole lot of this:

And we’re still doing some of this, although not as much.  Instead the San Francisco Bridge is hitting front billing right now.

We also did some of this:

Oops.  That’s nothing fun though (unless you’re 4 watching out the window).  This was New Year’s Eve.  Around 11:30 am we were puttering around working on any number of things (including lunch) when what to our wondering eyes should appear?  Nothing.  Nothing out of any faucet.  Zero water.  Did I mention our uber efficient heat RUNS off the water?  Do you see that snow out there?  It was not warm (giving thanks for good insulation).  Plus I don’t know about you, but I like a hot shower.  And a toilet that flushes.  Josh fiddled, he finagled.   I’d love to tell you all about the certain piece of equipment in the basement and what error it was giving him, but yeah, kinda don’t remember exactly.  But suffice it to say the pump in the supply well was kaput.  He called his maintenance guy for ideas.  Finally we called the guy who put in our wells.  And being the wonderful (if a bit, um, backwoods in the looks) man he is, he came over to see what the problem was.  It wasn’t something that could be fixed from the basement.  So he went back home and picked up his well truck to pull our pump.  He was going to drop in a spare he had around to get us through the holiday.  (I told you he was wonderful.)  When he pulled the existing pump up, he found a frayed wire right near the pump.  So he fixed it, dropped the pump back in, and we were good to go.  Also?  He never charged us a dime.  I think his status just went from “wonderful” to “saint”.  Yes, I am planning to whip up a whole slew of treats for him.  There are times living in a small rural community is truly a blessing.

So where was I?  Oh yeah, getting all artsy-crafty on you again.

I worked on some of this over the holiday:

My husband would say it just looks like I screwed up.  But I was practicing my manual settings and achieving lovely holiday bokeh.  I love it.

And now the holidays are over.  Did you set any resolutions?  I didn’t.  I’m never very good at them.  Instead I set some goals.  One of which is my Project 50.  I want to finish at least 50 crafts this year.  Some of them are small (Valentine’s stuff, some much needed curtains) and some are large (there are 5 quilts on there already…).  I also want to read 25 good books.  That includes “audio-reading”.  Because I know I probably won’t be able to find the time to sit still long enough to read 25 books (unless Dr. Seuss wrote them).  But I spend a lot of time in the car and I could certainly open my brain during that time.  I’m also doing Project Life again.  I did one for the Girl’s 1st year and we all love it.  Although truth be told, I put off buying the kit until, oh, right before Christmas.  Which means I’m now going back and hand journaling 365 entries.  I’ll be buying the turquoise edition when it comes back in stock.  If you’re not familiar with Project Life, the idea is to document the small, the routine, the mundane, the everyday rituals in your daily life.  One photo every day, all year long.  I’ll put up a more detailed post once I finish the one I’m working on.  And yea, yea, getting my tired, dragging butt back on the treadmill is one of those goals as well.  Because that is totally gone right now.  You see…

The Monday before Christmas (December 20th to be exact) I woke up with a nasty case of the icks.  I call it that because it’s a head cold, it’s partly in your chest, it’s certainly killing your head behind your eyes, and wreaking havoc on your ears.  And sleep?  Maybe if you’d ever stop coughing.  And this lovely lovely ick seems to be the kind that keeps re-gifting.  Here we are 2 and a half weeks later and I’m STILL not over it.  If I thought it would help I’d start drinking disinfectant (I’ve substituted hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps but that doesn’t seem to be strong enough to kill it, just wound it and make it mad.)  So yeah, you can blame the ick for my absence.  It was hard enough finding motivation to pull off the holidays.

But if I’m going to finish those 50, I better get to work.  So here’s #1:

The frames all set for Valentine’s.

I was ready to swap out Christmas but didn’t want anything too over the top Valentine’s either.  What do you think?

(Want your own?  Click here, here, and here.)

Oh, and one last note.  That Santa guy was extra-special nice to me this year.

He brought me my very own personal Starbucks.  And just yesterday the FedEx guy delivered a box of K-cup joy to make it even better.  I now have dark hot chocolate, indian spice chai, pomegranate green tea, regular green tea, and a whole variety pack of ice tea brews to try out.  And for Josh, a box of decaf and the large variety coffee pack that came with the brewer (since I don’t drink coffee).

What’d Santa bring you?  Any great New Year’s stories to share?  What about your goals or resolutions for the year?