Well, almost.  But we’ll get to that in a minute.

This may be the last of my crafty posts for awhile.  What?  Did I just hear a sigh of relief?  Humph.  (Oh, I have more crafts planned.  But it’s no fun to ruin the Christmas surprises.)  But it’s December! *falls over from the shock*  We’ve started our advent activities and I’ll probably blog on those more than anything.  Or at least that’s the plan…

You’re all familiar with the British Keep Calm and Carry On poster, right?  (Right-o.)  They’re all the rage this year.  Also the rage is altering the design for any rhyme or reason.  I first discovered an awesome version over at Craftily Ever After for Halloween.  I loved this one too. Unfortunately what with the Fall Festival and birthdays and anniversaries and Halloween I never got around to printing them out.

Luckily for me she created three Thanksgiving versions!  And thank you Michaels for frame sales!  I picked up 3 simple matted frames for less than $4 each.  Unfortunately…the frames were ugly.  But what the heck, that’s nothing a little spray paint can’t fix.

I used a metallic bronze spray paint courtesy of Menards.

I plan to update them for each season.  And if I can’t find a suitable free piece of printable art I want to hang, or if I only find 2, then I can easily pop in a favorite photo instead.  Or make something up myself.

See?  I already have Christmas in there!

The Keep Calm and Merry On down on the far right also comes from Craftily Ever After.  She made three for the season, but seeing as how we’re not the churchy types, nor do we carol often, I opted to find something different for the other two.  The Keep Calm and Jingle On I made based off one I saw on Etsy, but using the same colors as the Merry On.  The Christmas subway art I picked up off eighteen25.

Now I’m just going to need to keep coming up with ideas for each season.  Keep Calm and Hop on for Easter?  Keep Calm and Kiss On for Valentines?  Keep Calm and Rocket On for the 4th?  Heck maybe I’ll just have to use the original for awhile.  Do you have a good one for me?  Throw it out in the comments.  Maybe it’ll show up down the road.

You can also lay bets on how long before I get fed up with the back of the frames or break them.  They just have those ridiculous bendable pieces to keep the backs in.  I hate those!  But at $11 for 3 decent sized frames beggars can’t be choosers.  Besides.  That’s what they make duct tape for.