People, it is that time of year.  I seem to have enough craft projects on my docket to keep me employed full time.  Too bad I have that pesky thing called a real job taking up my days…  But I’m slowly ticking projects off my list.  Some you won’t get to see for awhile.  (That Santa dude is supposed to be coming in a month or so, right?)  But I’m hoping to share some of my handiwork in the next couple weeks.

Here’s project #1, completed.

This one is to add some dimension, beauty, and fun to the Girls room.

Yea, you’re fun too.  And purdy.

Way back when…no really.  I’m guessing back around last February maybe, I came across a blog post featuring a paper wreath with butterflies on it.  I loved the look and thought I could make one for the Girls room.  (The post is here.) 10 months later…

(Thanks for the scale helper dude!)

The post said to expect to use under 200  circles per wreath.  Heh.  hehehehehe

(If you want to see these larger scale they’re on my flickr page.)

Mom would have to provide the official number, but I’m pretty sure I used around 800.  This is why it took 10 months to finish.  Mom cut me 200 circles with her cricut and I started gluing.  It became obvious that wouldn’t be enough so I asked for 200 more.  And put the wreath away for a few months.  (Um, mom gave me the circles much sooner.  Alas I am a slacker.)  I glued 200 more on.  Then asked for more circles.  Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Including the procrastinating.

To finish the look, more cricut action for the butterflies.  Are you ready?  (Oh – first, please excuse the crappy light.  I had to use a flash.  I finished this at 7:00 tonight.  It’s awful darn dark by then.)

The butterflies and wreath probably cover about 5 feet or so on the wall.  This is also what the Girl sees if she’s laying in her crib staring at the wall near her feet.

I simply used sewing pins to attach the butterflies to the wall (the wreath hangs on a screw).  My thumbnail is not happy about this decision but I figured it was 1) something I had a lot of handy, and 2) would leave minimal holes.

They have a nice 3-dimensional look as well.  The only problem?  I think I need some more.  Hey mom….?