Josh is off galavanting around this lovely place:

I sosososososo wish I could be there.  But alas, it’s not for fun.  It’s the National KOA Convention.

That’d be Savannah, Georgia.  Statue made famous by the movie cover of Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil.  Which Josh has never seen.  Until this weekend.  I bumped it up to #1 on our Netflix queue and it’s scheduled to arrive on Friday.  Me?  Love.  John Cusack.  Kevin Spacey.  Jude Law.  Directed by Clint Eastwood.  Great, no, fabulous story.  What’s not to love?  I also bumped the book up on my Shelfari reading list because it’s been forever since I read it.

In other news, we finally made a significant purchase, moving towards finishing furnishing our house!

Hurrah!  A dining room table!  We’ve been searching and searching and searching…and coming up empty.  The fact is very few people/companies make solid hardwood tables the size we wanted.  As in 48-50″ wide and expandable from about 60″ up to 96″ long.  And if you do find one, you’ll be paying a premium for it.  And double the cost if you want chairs to match.  Yeesh.  The few new sets we’d found would have priced out over $5K.  Let’s not even discuss the “antiques”.  Not. In. The. Budget.  So we’d decided to go with a skinnier table that still expanded as long as we wanted.  Moving into our range.  And then… *chorus of angels*  We found this beauty in the paper.  All solid hardwood.  Table is roughly 60″ long as is, but came with an 18″ leaf as well (also solid hardwood).  Those chairs?  Heavier than you’d believe from looking at them – solid oak.  Only fixing up it’s going to need are replacing the fabric on the seats.  But I have some chocolate brown upholstery fabric stashed somewhere in the storage space just waiting for the job.

Even better?

This was included.  (Please ignore the old sofa table sitting next to it.  While it used to stand in this spot, it’s found a new home at my mom’s house.)

Total spent?  $700.

I believe the phrase is boo-yah.

Since it’s smaller than we really need for our total family gatherings, we’re going to pick up a couple sheets of plywood and back them with felt.  We can then just put them on top of the expanded table, throw a table cloth over it and bam, super huge table for a fraction of the cost.

In other news…

Handing the Girl a chocolate covered graham cracker to keep her happy during a car ride may not have been the best idea.  What?  We’re kicking the pacifier habit and she’d already missed her morning nap thanks to her first swimming lesson.   We were also quickly verging on missing afternoon nap having had lunch, dropping Josh off at the airport, and grocery shopping.  (When you go to the Big City, you get as much done in one trip as you can.)  Cranky Girl did not want to be in her carseat anymore.  At least she enjoyed that cracker.  And I could drive home in peace, if perhaps still not so quiet.

The Boy is also in his next session of swimming lessons.  He’s doing much better than last year.  I asked him on the way in if he was going to jump in the pool.  “Yes!”  And put your head underwater?  “Yes!”  And do everything the teacher asks? “Yes!  I’m 4 now mama, I’m a Big Boy and can do all those things.  Last time I was just 3.”  If only I’d known…

Coming soon to a blog near you, our Thanksgiving Feast Invitation and Menu.