Okay, back to California.  Tuesday.  August 17th.

(photo by Greg Gideon)

Josh’s youngest sister Alicia and Chris were married at Pamplin Grove in the Redwoods (here’s a pretty good tour of the site).  It was a beautiful day and a beautiful ceremony for two beautiful people.  I’m afraid I don’t have much for photos.  (Josh took some great ones, but there are a lot of folks in them that I don’t know well and I’m not comfortable putting them up here without them knowing about it.) I was too busy getting flowers together, putting together a buffet table, and cajoling my almost 4 year old to take his neon orange crocs off, put his dang nice shoes on, go take some photos, and walk down the aisle nicely with the other ring bearer and the flower girl.  He did not want to do any of said things.  But he did.  Eventually.  After many tears, fits, and a great deal of frustration on both sides.

Josh’s whole family was there!  Hurray!  Yes, there are quite a few of us.  Josh is the oldest.  Followed by 3 sisters.

“Why do you keep trying to take my picture?!? Can’t you tell I’m hungry and need a nap?!?”

(I took this one, in case you were wondering.)

The site is amazingly beautiful.  It’s amongst the giant Redwoods, with an open grassy area for the ceremony.  The food was delicious.  The music phenomenal (thanks to all the musicians in BOTH families).  And spending the day with so many friends and family was delightful.  Oh and the cake?  To die for.  With seriously like an inch of yummy buttercream frosting all over it.  I think I ate 4 pieces.  Oops.

Congratulations again to Alicia and Chris.  And welcome to this crazy family Critter, you fit right in.