I’d say regularly scheduled programming, but then you’d all laugh at me.  Or at least more than usual.

So, since I haven’t gotten my butt in gear to pull the wedding photos off the cd yet, how about a “regular life” post.

Remember here when I said I had a photo project to do?  Well I did it.

And it turned out spectacular.  (Please ignore the high class Nerf decor.  I have a house of sports nuts.  We must make baskets from the couch/chair while enjoying our weekly viewing of sports programming.  Heck, sometimes we even Nerf it up while we’re not watching tv.)  I found those cork tiles at Hobby Lobby.  I will tell you the sticky stuff they give you is not sufficient for this.  All of the tiles have fallen off the wall; then I went and bought some more industrial strength sticky tape.  Luckily you can fix broken cork tiles with tacky glue and not even be able to tell where it cracked.  Or the cat thought it was a scratch pad.

I’m also working on organizing my fabric. I’ve worked through 4 boxes (only 4 more to go!).   I have a box of stuff to donate and I’ve rolled up and labeled those I’m keeping.  I’ve also started a “scrap pile” of little pieces not worth keeping by themselves but that may work their way into an eclectic project down the road. Oh, and I’ve found a minimum of 5 unfinished projects.  November…

Also, the weather is a bit schizophrenic right now.  We had forecasts with a possibility of snow.  Then it was near 90.  I’m hoping it’s settling into the even 60s for awhile.  Like through October at least.  We have some parties coming up!  But that’s not my point.  My point is that the cooler weather means the return of the flies.  Ugh.  I hate the flies.  And they come out in droves this time of year.  But luckily, so do some of our fly eating friends.

Warning – for those who do not like arachnids, scroll to the bottom for a dose of cute.

Please meet Miss Itsy

And her good friend, Miss Bitsy

I believe these gorgeous gals are the same species I found on the trail last year.  They’re about the size of a half dollar and those big balloons on their back are actually their eggs/babies.  These lovely ladies resided on our porch.  I love them for the fact that they are super efficient at taking out those nasty flies. (See evidence in Miss Bitsy photo).  Spiders do not bug me for the most part.  The kind that are poisonous do not show up ’round here often and the rest just like to eat the other bugs that get in our house (which I like much less).  When I find one big enough to creep me out I typically scoop it up with paper and move it outdoors.  Heck, even the garage is okay.  BUT, Miss Itsy chose to put her home right above our front door.  Then she tried to Miss Muffet me while I was entering said door.  I’m proud to say I didn’t scream like a little girl, but I did jump around, wave my arms, yell “EW!EW!EW!” and then make Josh return her to the out of doors.  Unfortunately, I  don’t think she survived the trip.  For sure her babies didn’t make it… Gah.

Okay, I think it’s time for a refresher.

The Girl loves to eat.  She’s also thinking maybe that walking thing might be easier than the gorilla groove she has going on.  She will also be one year old in 21 days.  ONE YEAR!  How did that happen?!?

The Boy has discovered chocolate milkshakes.  And is fascinated by facial hair.  Also, like the toes?  I did not do that.  Now, I did say I would do it…but then I went to Denver for the weekend without doing it.  So Josh did it.  I find this hilarious.  Also, please note my 3rd (? I’m guessing) grade mug on the front of that mug.  The Boy will be turning 4 in 10 days.  His party is going to be awe.some.  Be-awesome as Rhino would say.  You won’t want to miss it.  Also?  He has discovered the art of the tantrum.  He may not survive to 4.  It is seriously wrong to be losing more sleep due to my nearly 4 year old than my nearly 1 year old.  (Who never wakes us up.  Girl sleeps like a dream.)

Oh, I almost forgot this story.  *sigh*  So I was upstairs one evening just about dusk.  I looked out our upstairs window and saw something on the side of our hill.  So I went downstairs, grabbed my camera and headed out to investigate.

A new fawn!  Curled up in our grass!  But then I became concerned.  Because said fawn didn’t move.  But I thought maybe he thought he was hidden enough and felt safe enough NOT to jump up and run off when I came on the porch.  But the next morning?  Still there.  Not moving.  Uh-oh.  But the kids were around so I didn’t want to tromp down to investigate.  Later that afternoon while they were napping I sent Josh down to move the poor, obviously no longer living, fawn off to the other side of the trail.  (What?  No sense leaving it there INVITING a mountain lion over.)  So off he goes…and picks up a cardboard box.  *face-palm*  Sure, sure, I believe you’re laughing with me and not at me.  Sure I do.

Have a fabulous weekend!