It’s official.

(Me, mom, and dad, in Holland, MI.)

I’ve completed one more turn around the sun.

This one?  30 years ago.  3. 0.  Huh?  When did that happen?

Has my mom told you about the “fake cake” incident?  She always made me a homemade cake for my birthday.  (See above…although my Aunt Judy might have made that one – this was a family party.)  One year (I know I was in my teens) she thought she’d get me a special treat and buy me a fancy cake from a local store.  It was purdy.  White with lots of flowers (puprle I think) and “Happy Birthday Britt” lettered on it.  A few days later she over heard me on the phone…whining about the “fake cake” I had for my birthday!  This year?  I asked for peach cobbler made with the fresh Colorado peaches we picked up at the farmer’s market on Saturday.

No sign of Greenpeace this year.