Open the door, get on the floor – Everybody walk the dinosaur!
(Was (Not Was) Circa 1988)

Did everybody have a fabulous 4th of July?

What a weekend we had!  Saturday started with a major trip to the Big City.  We let Josh have most of the day to himself, expecting him to spend most of it at the golf course.  (It was a bit too crowded however, so he only squeaked in 9 holes. Then, nice guy that he is, he built my garden gates.)  Mom, the kids, and I ran a number of errands and had a picnic at Dinosaur Park!  Hurrah, one of my summer activities checked off the list!

Dinosaur Park was created in the 1936 as a Depression Ear Works Project Administration project.  It sits high above Big City and features nearly a half dozen concrete dinosaurs for the kids to climb on.

And under…

The only downfall was the heat.  And the steps.  Oy!  I’d already knocked out a couple three miles on the trail that morning, but when you have a carpet crawler along, your only choice is to strap another 20 pounds on your back and get to it.

But it was well worth it.  The Boy had a blast.  And he’s quite the dino-expert, correctly identifying 4 out of the 5 dinosaurs.  (The one we didn’t get was Anatotitan, a dinosaur whose fossils were originally found in the area.)

Saturday evening we spent with some new friends, the brother of one of my colleagues.  They were staying in one of the cabins at the KOA so we joined them for a cookout.  The kids ran and played.  We made plenty of s’mores, drank more wine that any of us should have, and stayed out way past all of our bedtimes.

Sunday we were lucky to have old friends drop by to see us in the morning.  The Boy was thrilled at all the new kids to play with.  Unfortunately they couldn’t stay long, and after we packed them off we all took a nice long nap.  We had originally intended to head up to the Gold Town to see their fireworks display (potentially meeting up with our old friends again), but decided the hour drive was going to be killer.  If the fireworks didn’t start until 10pm, it’d be near midnight before we were home and tucked into bed.  Again.  And um, neither of us has today off.

Instead we headed the opposite direction to the General’s Town just 15 minutes down the road.  Another good friend was at his mom’s house with his kids, so we joined them there for prime fireworks viewing.  The boys had a blast running around “shooting” everything with empty squirt guns.  And of course we made some more, some more, s’mores.

I’d hoped to take some awesome fireworks photos with my new toy.  But um, #1, I didn’t really get a chance to set it up and play with it before it became uber dark.  And #2, I had a wiggly 3 year old sitting on my lap “helping” me.  Most of the photos looked like this:

Yes, I was using a tripod.  That doesn’t matter much when said 3 year old is bumping the tripod and fiddling with the camera.  But who cares!  It was fun.  And I did get a few decent shots.

Ooooo!  Ahhhh!

Here’s a fun fact for you:  It was warmer cutting down our Christmas tree (65) than it was last night watching the fireworks (53).  That is just bizarre.  (And um, jeez I’ve been a slacker – I never put a post up on our Christmas tree trek?  Really?  Sheesh.)

And now, it’s back to the grind and recovery.  Although I still have a pack of ribs in the fridge waiting to be grilled.  The deluge of rain Sunday afternoon put a damper on those plans.  So we’ll have a “second 4th” later this week to enjoy the holiday vittles.

I think I might go to bed at the same time as the kids tonight…