It’s a big weekend coming up, one of fireworks, and burgers, and ice cream, and celebrating the history of our country.

I mentioned previously that we attended a family reunion a few weekends ago.  It was fun, and I’ve got a post with lots of embarrassing photos coming up soon.  But I wanted to share this first.  I know one of Josh’s uncles has been working very hard to gather their family history.  He’s videotaped Grandma, Grandpa and other family members talking about their lives.  He’s also scanned or photographed many of the old family photos.  (Thanks Ron!  You rock!  Even if it did take 5 years or so to get our wedding video!  We love you!)  While we were at the farm, Josh’s mom and I hit up Grandma’s computer to get our own copies of the digital photo files.  (Fair warning mom, someday I’d LOVE heritage scrapbooks for the other 3 sides of my family…)

Today I was cleaning up some files on my hard drive and decided to take a quick browse through the treasure.

This is Grandpa and two of his buddies while on shore leave (Grandpa is in the middle).  Besides the fact that these 3 handsome devils just look like they’re up to trouble having a blast, I adore the fact that Grandma wrote “bad boys” at the top of the photo.

Grandpa is one of the few remaining World War II veterans alive today.  He’s also who the Boy is named after.  So Grandpa – we love you, we thank you for all you’ve done.  We’re so glad we had the chance to see you again a few weeks ago and hope to see you again soon.

If I don’t get another post up before the weekend, may it be a holiday filled with ooo’s and aaah’s, yummy food, and treasured friends and loved ones.  And try not to get too sunburned!