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A certain 3 year old has figured out how to turn on the sprinkler all by his lonesome.  I discovered this when one of my kitchen windows suddenly indicated it was raining…when the rest of the windows said it wasn’t.

If ya can’t beat ’em, you might as well join ’em.

(This is my favorite photo I’ve taken this summer.  Hands down.)

The Girl had her 9 month check-up on Friday.  17.5 lbs, 25″.  That’d be 25th and 10th percentiles respectively.  She’s got the belly and thighs to prove it!

After the fun at the doc’s, we opted to have some actual fun.

Oh wait, this was 2008.

Holy buckets the kid has grown.

This was in 2007.  On my birthday, so just before the Boy’s 9 month birthday.

Someone else loves the swings as well.  (Day after her 9 month birthday.)  They’ve got the same nose.  And the same hairline.  Same shape of eyes, although hers are still blue while his have always been brown.  Same mouth and smile.  Similar pudgy hands.  But she’s got him beat on the scale side.  (Or he had her beat on the height…I still need to check the specifics.)

It was a great day.  Weather was perfect, although a bit breezy.  After departing the Big City, we stopped and visited with friends on the way home.  The Boy did not want to leave.  We’ll be seeing them again next weekend.

Saturday I had heard there was a quilt show in the General’s Town just a short jump south.  Turns out there was more than just that!  It was Gold Discovery Days.  We showed up just in time for the parade.  The stroller is FULL of candy.  They even handed out icee pops.  That’s a good parade.  There was a very nice car show – the Boy decided we needed the 1955 bright yellow Chevy.  Unfortunately it was not for sale.  The quilt show was larger than I expected and I shot a few inspiration photos for future projects.  It was a great day, but HOT.  Since we’d gone expecting to just go to the quilt show, we had no sunscreen and no food for the Girl.  Oops.  Nearly 6 hours later we made it home and crashed.

Sunday was another scorcher.  We’d made plans to meet up with some friends for the Duck Race.  Have you heard of such a thing?  It’s a great fundraiser in the Big City for the Children’s Miracle Network.  Plus it’s fun for the kids.  Not so fun?  The fact that the a.c. crapped out on the Monty on the way into town.  We took the black behemoth (instead of the Prius whose a.c. is FINALLY not causing over heating issues) so we could pick up some wood to build a few bookcases.  Also not so fun?  That the temps were around 100 that day.  And that the bike/walking path along the duck route has very little shade.  So just what is the duck race?

Rubber duckies by the thousands (17,000 to be exact), dumped into a local creek.

All racing to the finish line, to win their owner a prize.  (More than 30 prizes, from $5K to $100 in car wash tokens.  And a shot at a million bucks.)

Those ducks are doggone cute.  But they do get stuck.  So next year?  I think we might volunteer to be creek walkers – rescuing stuck ducks and giving them a chance to get back in the race.  Hey, the last few times we’ve attended it’s been 100 or higher.  Walking through knee to waist deep 55 degree water sounds like a great way to really enjoy the race!

It’s a great time for the kiddos anyway.  The Boy loves watching the ducks being dumped off the bridge.  Chasing them down the creek.  Braving the shallows to toss stragglers back into the thick of it.  But even better?  The money raised goes to such a great cause.  This was the 21st year of the race, dubbed 21 Duck Salute to Kids.  The event raised $93,000 this year for CMN, all of which will stay in the area for local services.  For just $5 per duck, that’s a pretty great thing to be a part of.

Copilot extraordinaire.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!