So I went a bit Crazy today…

We Volksmarched Crazy Horse today.  Do you know what a Volksmarch is?  It means “People’s Walk” in German.  It’s always 10 kilometers or 6.2 miles.  They’re pretty popular here in the Hills, and this is the 25th year they’ve had one to the top of Crazy Horse.  Here’s what the press says about it:
“…the 10-kilometer trail to the top of Crazy Horse’s arm is more aptly described as a hike. Participants wind through the wooded area near the monument, climbing up and down steep inclines with rough terrain, ultimately reaching peak elevation at 6,700 feet.”

It was a great day for it – cloudy and a bit on the cool side.  Of course, I’m such a fabulous mom…

I was obviously totally prepared for the weather.  Not.  Thanks go to the hubby for leaving this t-shirt in the back of the Prius (it’s from the Corey Ginsbach memorial golf tourney which was yesterday).

Our group consisted of the Boy, me, our friends Shaye, Michelle, Tina and her 18 month old D, and their friend Shane.  I wasn’t going to take the Boy until they called this morning to say they were bringing D.

Here everyone is, roughly 1.5 miles in.  Yes, that fuzzy looking stuff up there on Crazy Horse’s arm is actually people.  I already knew at this point I was in for it.  We’d hit a couple good uphill climbs.  And a certain 30-something pound 3 year old was whining and demanding to be carried.  Oy. Vey.  Let’s reflect.  Crazy Horse’s face is 87′ 6″ tall.  The face.  Alone.  That puts our destination way, way, waaaaay up there.

We persisted.  Someone’s feet touched the ground for maybe a quarter of the Volksmarch.

But we made it!  (Um, it got a bit warm (warm + playing pack mule = my red face).  Then at the top…very cool.  He stole Michelle’s extra t-shirt this time around.)

Super huge thanks to Michelle for helping me share the load near the top.

Cuties.  Stinkers.  They very much enjoyed the M&M’s I brought as bribes.  But they still wouldn’t walk.  It was just…

*pout*  “My knees hurt.”  “My tummy hurts.”  ”  The sun’s to bright.”  “Carry meeeeeeee.”

But we still had a wonderful time.  We certainly didn’t set any records, but for hauling along 2 kids, we made it the 4-something miles up in about 2 hours.

And then?  Then, we had to get back to the car.  Still hauling 30-something pounds on my back.  (We made it in about an hour.)

(That’s the “hole” under Crazy Horse’s arm.  Refer back to the photo of everyone walking.)

Oh, and Mom?  Check out my awesome backpack.  25 years-ish and it’s still hangin’ in there.

It would have been a perfect day if only the garden fairies had come to plant my garden while I was off playing…I’d intended to do it upon our return, but the rain had other plans.  Tomorrow…