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Our baby girl is seven months old today.

How the heck did that happen?

Hello my lovelies.  I’m sorry for neglecting you.  We’ve been crazy busy, although that’s no excuse.  I have plenty of photos for you and promise to add them over the next week.  But we have something more pressing to discuss today.

Some of you have commented before that we really do live “in the wilds”.  I’ve highlighted a number of lovely members of the animal kingdom who have graced our property.  There are the the domesticated ones next door – donkeys, horses, guinea hens, and geese (along with some dogs and cats).  And there are flocks of birds (ducks, bluebirds, blackbirds, chickadees, herons, robins, etc.), tons of frogs (currently croaking their heads off), snakes, some pocket gophers, and more deer than I want to think about.  I’m not thinking about the snakes either. Ick.

Just the other night we saw a red fox saunter through our backyard.  Unfortunately we weren’t quick enough with the camera to grab his mugshot.  I’m hoping he comes back.  But after this?  We’ll see.

Because we just found proof of a not so friendly in our neighborhood.

On Monday we were busy working on the fence for the garden, which involved bringing the bobcat over to drill some more holes.  As we were loading the bobcat back up, I noticed something funny with the drive:

Can you see it?

It looked like something was drug across the drive.  I figured the Boy was up to something.  But upon closer examination, there was funny fur found along the track.

But we were busy loading up that Bobcat and taking a trip to the Big City to pick up more poles for the garden.  So we just forgot about it.

The next morning Josh went out to load up our garbage can and did a bit more looking around.  Looking to the right of the drive, there’s more fur all the way down the hill.

Looking to the left of the drive we find:

Want a better look?  You know you do.

Except when we looked in the morning, it wasn’t just a major mass of fur.  It was a deer.  Or what was a deer.  One that had been chewed on.

There are only a few things in the Hills that can take down a deer, drag it a few hundred feet, and make a snack of it.  One is a human.  The other is a Mountain Lion.

Josh called Game, Fish, and Parks and they came to check it out.  The major concern here is not us.  It’s that trail we live on.  And the bit of odd behavior by this lion. Our understanding is lions will typically hide their kills for later snacking.  This one left the deer right in the open.  And right on the trail.  The trail is heavily used in the summer.  So GF&P removed the deer and we’ll wait and see if anything else develops.  (Hence no gory photos for you.  I didn’t take any in the morning as we were trying to get off and the Boy was along for the adventure.)

We’re not overly worried.  Although we are keeping a keen eye out.  Oh, and the Boy won’t be playing outside by himself.  And we’re back to contemplating getting a dog.  Lions have large ranges and while our little valley must present quite a buffet of venison for the bloke, it’s not the only one.  And funny enough, I haven’t noticed near as many deer in our yard the last few nights…

So, now that that bit of excitement is out of the way, who wants to see some cutie pies?

Please ignore the baked beans on his cheek.