I had hoped by now I’d have great photos to show you of our completed patio and walk.

We did finish the patio.  But apparently I haven’t taken a good “finish” photo.  Just one through the screen.  What’s up with that?

And we started the walk.

The Boy enjoyed helping shovel the crushed gravel.  (Don’t you love the boots/shovel the Easter Bunny brought him?  He certainly does.  The boots battle for first place in footwear with the “basketball boy shoes” (i.e. regular old tenny-runners.))

And we started laying the pavers.  But then?  Then it did this:

And it kept on doing it:

Hail.  Buckets of the stuff for a good half hour.  (Meanwhile, a mere 2 miles away all they had was rain.)  Then it just kept raining all evening long.  And in fact, I would say spring is officially here.  It’s rained every single ding-dong day since Sunday.  Which means the front walk is just a mucky muddy mess and not a nice walk yet.  And the grass seed hasn’t been spread yet either.

So, since I have nothing of note to show you from the house, how’s’about some mini-celebrity for the hubby?  I’m afraid you’ll have to click-through as I can’t figure out how to get the dang thing to embed.