This was what we were looking at on Friday.  Thankfully all the relatives arrived safe and sound.  One of Josh’s sister’s came across from the east side of the state and another traveled all the way from California.  We’re glad they’re here.

Yesterday the weather warmed up enough we could hit two of the local Easter Egg Hunts.  We made out like bandits.

The Boy found one of the blown glass eggs.  Lucky devil.  Reminds me of these.  His cousin found one of the silver eggs which earned a prize of a giant chocolate bunny.  In the afternoon the three went to a second hunt with Josh and Grandpa (the girls all went to the big city to do some shopping).  The same cousin found another prize egg at that hunt.  All three cousins came home with more candy than they can possibly eat.  I volunteered my services to reduce the pile.

Since the weather hasn’t been cooperating with our plans for working on our landscaping, here’s what I’ve been doing instead:

A mass of bunnies!.  For now they’re the centerpiece for our Easter table, but after dinner we’re going to have a cut throat game of bunny bowling. (That fabric is a bit of yardage waiting to go on the back of a pinwheel baby quilt for the Girl, but it was suitable festive enough for a table runner.)

Here’s another little something I whipped up for the Girl:

An Easter tutu!  I made one for her new 5 week old cousin too.  Tried to get a pic of the two of them together, but they didn’t turn out – I’ll have to check Grandma’s shots and see if she has a good one.

The whole family will be together (well – except my brother and his family) this evening for a fabulous Easter feast.  With my mom, there are 16 of us.

We hadn’t planned to have another huge feast, but we found this menu in Cooking Light and it just looked so yummy we couldn’t resist.

Here’s hoping you all have a hoppy hoppy Easter – and that it’s warm!  Because looking out the window right now…it’s snowing again.  Bah humbug.