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(I always loved Poltergeist.)

But who?  Who has come to haunt us?

These butt-heads are already stalking me.  This photo was taken nearly a week ago.  All that snow is pretty much gone.

And this guy and his mate have shown up!  Spring must be here!  It was in the mid-60’s today even.  (Please don’t remind me of the forecast for the next few days – high of 30 on Friday.  Ugh.)

We’ve been getting out and enjoying every bit of sunshine we can.  Usually this means a long walk down the driveway after we all get home.  We’d take the trail but it’s still a mushy mess.

Josh has been working hard to trim up some of the crazy brush around the creek.  The Boy likes to help.  He’s pretty good at plucking off those seed heads!

And just so she doesn’t feel left out…

The Girl is still cute as a button.  And a super thanks to whoever gave us this outfit (I feel bad I can’t remember – I know we got it at the shower in August!).  It’s super super soft and so stinking cute with those feet.  She started eating sweet potatoes tonight.  Seems to like them just as much as her big brother did!  In honor of St. Paddy’s we gave her potatoes.  The rest of us had corned beef and cabbage.

For all my Chicago-land friends and family:

And because this one just makes me laugh:

I hope you all had a very happy and green St. Paddy’s day!

(I admit…I’m loving these retro actions for photoshop.)