We gave the Girl cereal last night.  Wow.  I couldn’t shovel it in fast enough!  Being cautious, I only made a few teaspoons worth.  I thought she was ready for it, but didn’t want to over do it.  Uh-huh.

(That’s not a runny nose, just a bit of cereal she wanted to smell…)

Every time I’d take the spoon away to get more she’d start hollerin’.  She gobbled down those two teaspoons in no time flat.  And probably would have eaten another couple if I’d let her.  But erring on the side of  caution, we cut her off.  No ill effects so far, so we’ll give her a bit more tonight.  (I wasn’t really expecting any.  Neither of my kids have had any issues food related.  I can eat pretty much anything I want and except for a bit of gas after 3 days straight of broccoli for lunch they’ve never had a problem.)

The whole process was well documented.  We had an official videographer (seen below), as well as a photographer….

The photographer’s focus was a bit off however…

And his composition needs a bit of work as well.

But we made sure he snagged a good one before we cleaned everyone up.