The Boy had his stitch removed last Friday.  Yes…by Friday he only had one left.  *sigh*  The cut is healing well, although he’s definitely going to be left with a scar.  Ripping 3 of the 5 stitches out on Monday night (slightly re-opening the cut) sure didn’t help matters.  The huge scab came off on Sunday night.  Now it’s just a puffy pink dent.

To celebrate the removal of the stitches, my mom and I took the kids out to dinner (Josh had a basketball game).  We tried out a re-vamped local place called Hamilton’s.  I’d heard rumor they had a good fish fry.  In preparation for some friend’s coming to visit (Jack? Ceil?  We’re looking at you!) we’ve been checking out the local fish fry scene.  Mom and the Carey’s used to have fish every Friday back when she lived in Illinois.  So far, not much luck.  This place was nummy, but not up to par.  The rest of the menu looks awesome, and the sweet potato chips were right up my alley.  I’ve told Josh we’ll be going back this summer when their patio is open.

In other news, Saturday night Josh and I enjoyed a night out on the town.  The company I work for donated a piece of statuary for the Black Hills Autism Society’s annual Mardi Gras fund raising dinner.  In return, they gave our retail folks two free tickets.  But the retail folks couldn’t go, so they asked if I’d like the tickets.  You betcha!

While we didn’t win any of the silent auction items we bid on, we had a great time.  The food was yummy (a seafood bake with corn, potatoes, cod, prawns, mussels, clams, and sausage), the conversation captivating, and the band pretty rockin’.  (We laughed, amazed, while the drummer actually texted *while* drumming.  Talent, baby, talent.)

The Girl is now four months old! She’s discovered the joy of peek-a-boo.  I’m not sure who laughs harder over it, her or the Boy.

We’ve been battling RSV this last week.  Nothing too serious, just a runny nose and a bit of a cough.  I’ve let her return to sleeping in the car seat for a few nights to keep the mucous draining and have been running her humidifier on high.  No fever and no troubles breathing, so I never even took her in to the doc.  (10 kids were out of daycare last week, with 2 confirmed cases of RSV.)  Even with that, she’s still a happy content little gal.  Although I think tonight we’re going to give some cereal a go.  Her head control is well developed, she oggles you every time you eat, and frankly I’m tired of getting up repeatedly at night.  (Yeah, that whole sleep through the night thing went out the window when we made her sleep in her bed and not in her car seat.)  So we’ll give a couple teaspoons of cereal a try and see how she likes it.  Look for messy photos tomorrow…

I can tell I’m finally recovering from hibernation status and settling into my winter groove – I’m suddenly feeling crafty.  I have all sorts of craft projects I really want to start, but I’m pacing myself.  To kick things off I made a crib bumper for the Girl.

I have enough fabric leftover (planned it that way) to make a blanket as well.  I want to back it with some luscious minkie, as soon as I find some.  Other projects on the radar:  a couple fun new bags from free patterns I found online, maybe an apron or two, a travel crayon/drawing case for the Boy, some canvas art, a quilt for the Boy, and a hugemongous quilt to hang in our foyer.  I haven’t decided on patterns for the last 2 yet.  The Boy’s will be something classic yet fun that will grow with him.  I have no ideas yet on the foyer.  I’m debating between a spring/summer-ish design (and then making a second one for the fall/winter), or something a bit more timeless that we can leave up year round.  I do know it will likely end up a ten foot by ten foot quilt or more.  That means it needs simple lines so I can do the quilting myself without losing my mind.  I have a huge file of quilt inspiration I need to rifle through, but I want to knock a few of the other projects off the list first.  Plus, um, I need to get my sewing machine fixed.  Unless Mom just let’s me keep hers in perpetuity…