I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  It was the first Sunday in a long while without football.  Although that didn’t stop the Boy from singing “Are you ready for some FOOOOTBAAAALLL!  Monday night PAAAARRRRTYYYY!”  Yeesh.

Since there was no football, and since the weather was pretty nice (well, the sun was at least shining), we took to the out of doors.

Our front yard makes a rather decent sledding hill!  It’d make a better one with more snow and less rocks, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Once we bored of the hike up the hill, we walked down the drive to check out our skating pond.  This would be the creek (and Josh out there).  It appears our addition of a road and culvert has altered the water flow.  We are surmising the water froze near the top of the culvert and more water keeps pushing out, instead of downstream,  flooding more of our land.  Being an old hockey player, this pleases me immensely.

For now, it’s Sorels and dragging the Boy around by his armpits.

But that’s okay, because he likes grading the drive better anyway.

The girl came out to play as well.  Turns out she’s a paci-girl now.  Thank heaven.  Because I was getting tired of *being* the paci.  But it was a bit chilly to keep the Girl out too long.

The Boy wasn’t ready to come in quite yet, so he took to his bike.  I decided to try a few photo tricks.  Mostly?  I just ended up with this:

Nice whiskers kiddo.  Now just don’t fall and bite your tongue!

hope you’re all enjoying your holiday.  It’s my 6th holiday since mid-November and my last holiday until July (my birthday).  I’m trying to make the most of it.  We started with eye doctor appointments (new glasses!).  Except he dilated my eyes, so my big plans to get many things done turned into sitting on the couch catching up on tv.  I couldn’t quite get my eyes to focus well and they’re still super irritated.  Tonight is a special session of tap class so they better get back in gear before then!  Now, I’m off to chain my butt to the treadmill for awhile.  I’ve slacked off long enough…