Supposedly last week was doppleganger week on Facebook.  You were to make your profile picture a photo of a celebrity you’ve been told you resemble.  Neither Josh or I got around to it.  But for the record, I’ve been told I look like Julia Stiles, especially from the Save The Last Dance era.

I can see the resemblance…especially back when I was blond.

Josh has been told he looks like Tracy Morgan, ala SNL:

That one’s a bit of a stretch I think.  We suspect it’s the nose, but I think the similarities stop there.

But my kids so far have a non-celeb doppleganger – each other!  We’ve thought from day one they looked eerily similar.  Josh was sure the Girl was another Boy upon first arrival she looked so much like the Boy on his arrival.  And many of our friends and family have agreed they share a strong resemblance.   I finally dug up some proof:

From just a day or two after they were born.  Girl’s a bit yellow.

A more “recent” comparison.

And I also found proof the Boy *did* go through a bit of a chubby phase!

(Sorry, not a very quality photo.)  This was from December of ’06 so he’d be just shy of 3 months.  We went to Chicago to visit all the relatives and included a stop at the Field Museum.  The Boy loved being carried around in the Bjorn.  So far the Girl has not taken to it.  She much prefers up over the shoulder.  Too bad.  That thing is totally convenient for toting the rug rat around while doing any number of things.  Much easier on the back too.

Here’s another similarity – drool.   The Girl has suddenly started chewing her fists constantly and drooling everywhere.  If history holds, she’s moving teeth and the first one will arrive in a month or so.  I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet…