Didn’t I say I was going to get back into posting more often?  I did didn’t I?  And not to make excuses, but first there was the issue of having my 3 month old at work.  Ugh.  That, er, didn’t work.  Then I took off for a week.

And look!  I took the Girl with me!  Look who else came along:

(That’s my mom there.  Bit hard to see, eh?)  Mom came along to help me with the girl because this was a work trip.  I swear.  First I had to conduct an audit of our operations at Death Valley, then I was attending an internal conference – a meeting of the minds you might say.  Wanna see?

(Thanks for the photo Beth!)

We’re auditing the quality of our Audubon Certified golf course.  Lowest course in the world at 214 feet below sea level.  Okay okay, so we’re all about balancing work and play.  And can I just say?  70 degree weather?  Very nice break to have from the crappy cold we’ve been getting here.  Don’t get me wrong, I love winter.  But I’d much rather have cool with a boat load of snow than -24.  Seriously.  I have proof:

That’s just nuts!  (And it was 8 am!  That wasn’t even the lowest low!)  So pardon me for enjoying my week of warm weather with co-workers and good friends in sunny Death Valley.

Some other goings on in our lives…

The Boy is still a nut.

The Girl is growing fast.  She’s over 3 months old now.  In fact she started daycare this past Monday!  Big Brother is very proud to take her and show her off every day.  (Wonder how long that will last?)  She still looks a great deal like the Boy.  Although I don’t remember him being quite as chubby.  I need to get out some archived photos to compare.  (Don’t you just want to eat those chubby cheeks?  Not to mention those toes…) 

Speaking of chubby…I’m finally motivating myself to get off the couch and back into my workout routine.  That means endless miles going nowhere on the treadmill.  The Boy has always wanted to play on the treadmill, but of course we don’t let him.  This is one kid that never let’s anything stop him.

He just made his own.  (That would be the cushion off the toy box/bench and the table there is his controls.)  The kid has some imagination.  He’s always cracking us up with the games and stories he invents.

That’s about it for now.  For those of you who are on Facebook, you can catch some more action photos from Death Valley over there.  Feel free to laugh at my golf swing.  Oy was it pathetic.