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Thursday was my first official day back at work.  Oy.  Where did my maternity leave go?  I wasn’t really ready to go back, but at the same time there’s plenty waiting for me there and I think we’re all ready to be back on a consistent schedule.  Of course it really won’t be *that* consistent until February.  Josh has a trip to Palm Springs coming up (week from Monday), and I’ll be going to Death Valley for a week the last week of January.  I’m taking the Girl and my mom with me, so we’re not putting the Girl into official daycare until our return.  Until then she’ll spend a few days a week at work with me, a few days with my mom, and a day with Josh’s parents.  It’ll save us a few hundred bucks.

In other news…they didn’t total my car.  *pout*  Nearly $10K worth of damage.  But the Prius holds its value so darn well it isn’t even close to the percentage they needed to total it.  Oh well.  They also informed me I wouldn’t get it back until around January 19th.  A number of the car factories shut down the last 2-3 weeks of the year so getting parts would be a wait.  However we had a voicemail on Friday from the shop doing the work that it should be ready around Wednesday.  Hurrah!  I’m sick of driving our monster Monterro.  I want my slick little car back.  Plus the gas bill is killing me.

We’re in the high basketball season.  Unfortunately our Rangers aren’t having the success they had last year.  Not that it phases the Boy.  He just has fun cheering.  Sometimes we have to remind him which team to cheer for.  He just gets carried away whenever someone, anyone, makes a basket.

The Girl is growing up quickly.  She’s really starting to notice her surroundings.  She loves to smile and laugh at us.  (So far we’re not insulted.)  She had a check-up on Tuesday – 11 lbs, 6 oz, 22.5 inches.  Good Girl!

The Boy is loving all the basketball action.  But during the downtime he’s still all about his baby sister.  And “playing” with her.  He loves to play with her toys at least.  (I can’t wait for the screaming fits when she starts taking his toys.)  Today he decided to give her his favorite hat.  And of course then he wanted to take a picture of his handy work.

Yo Bro.  Wuz up? Don’cha know how to focus that thing?

Let’s see if we can get one of the three of us.  Papa?

Dude.  This is getting ridonkulous.  Nice Band-aid.

How about the whole family?

‘Bout time you people got that thing off my head.  Now, who pierced the Boy’s ear?

(It’s just the Girl’s swing reflecting strangely behind his ear.  We do some crazy stuff, but not that crazy.)

Hope you’re all having a wonderful new year!  Being back at work hopefully I’ll get back to some more consistent posting.  Hopefully.  I’ve got a bit of catching up to do first.