Some one at our local paper is having some fun with us*…

All day yesterday it hovered around 130.  Uh-huh.  Sure it did.

Too bad *this* is the real weather (webcams – if it’s dark, you might not see anything).  It’s cold.  And super super windy.  As in 50 mph windy.  We haven’t received much snow here, but when we left our house today there was a drift about 2′ tall in front of the garage.  The rest of the state has been getting dumped on.  Interstates have been closed.  Air travel has been canceled or seriously delayed. Folks are advised to stay home.  Stores opened late.

We’d planned a quick jaunt into the big city today (Hey!  It’s summery there! Just look at that forecast!).  We wanted to pick a few things up at the after Christmas sales (new jeans, a few gifts for late Christmas gatherings) and go see a movie.  We debated for awhile, but finally settled on a 2:00 showing of Sherlock Holmes instead of the 1:20 Avatar.  Thank goodness we did.  We picked up the tickets upon our arrival, then had some lunch and ran our errands.  We arrived back at the theater at about 1:50…only to find they’d lost power.  We waited until about 2:30 before giving up and collecting our refund.  I’m glad we didn’t go to a 1:00 show as we’d planned – we’d have been halfway through the movie!  Only major bummer – they wouldn’t even sell me some popcorn.  And dang I love me some movie popcorn.

So instead we picked up our groceries, grabbed some Starbucks, and headed back home to collect the kids from the Grandparents.  We spent some time playing with Grandpa’s trains and now we’re back at home watching Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaur.  And eating microwave popcorn.  Not. The. Same. *sigh*

Thanks to Danny for pointing the forecast out to me yesterday.