This was meant to be a post about the wonderful trip we took on the 1880 Holiday Express Train.  But that’ll wait.  ‘Cuz we had more excitement last night.

The Boy had a first hand meeting with Tow Mater.

(For those of you unfamiliar, he’s a character from Cars.  See this video.)

While he was thrilled at this turn of events, I am not.

The kids and I were headed into the big city to meet Josh for some dinner and to drive around and see the holiday lights.  Turns out Mr. Deer had other plans for us.  I nailed that sucker doing around 67 MPH.  Totally crumpled the whole front of the car.  I’m guessing the insurance company is going to total it.  I’m just glad he had enough momentum to be thrown off to the side instead of straight into my windshield.  For some reason the air bags didn’t go off, although I’m not necessarily upset about that fact.  We’re all just fine (not even any bruises – heck, the Girl slept through the whole thing) and I’ve heard they make a huge mess and can hurt you just as bad as an impact.

Luckily Josh was already in town for the big basketball tournament (congrats to the Rangers on your first win in the first round in over 8 years!).  Also luckily he’d driven himself in and not ridden the bus.  Another lucky fact that he’d taken our Monterro instead of his work truck.  That means we would all fit in the car.  So after making venison mush, I called him to come pick us up.  Then we sat and waited for Josh, the Police, and Tow Mater to show up.  I finally thought to get out my camera and at least take a photo of them loading the car up.  I’ll probably go in today to empty the vehicle of stuff so I’ll get a shot of the front then.

I hope this insurance process goes fast.  If they’re going to total it, I hope they do it asap.  I see the Toyota dealer just happens to have 4 2010 Prii in stock, one of which is just what I’ve been drooling over.  (No, not the one with the solar panel on the roof.  As much as I love the idea, I’m not willing to pay *that much* for solar panels to run my AC.)

On the other hand, we were just about done paying on this one.  I was rather looking forward to being car payment free for awhile.