I finally finished the birth announcement for our girl.  Sheesh.

Those of you who are on Facebook can see a larger, un-edited version.  And dear relatives and close friends, I’m sure one will be delivered to your mailbox sometime in the near future.  Just as soon as I get on the ball and get our holiday card done.  I’m aiming to kill two birds with one stone and send them out at the same time.  Unfortunately the photos we took up at Rushmore last week are plagued by some goofy faces (the Boy..and the half asleep Girl) or strange shadows.  So we’re going to have to give it another go.  I thought it’d be fun to take a picture in front of our red front door.  But the weather, with highs around a whopping 5 degrees, just aren’t cooperating with that plan.

And I know I’ve been rather absent of late.  We have been rather busy.  I’ll update again in the near future with some of our goings-ons.  The biggest?  Basketball season has begun again.  At least the one week of doubles is over.  I’m not even really involved and it made me tired.