It’s that time of year.  The time of year where I can barely pass by a Starbucks without stopping for a Chai Latte.  I’ve got the boy conditioned now as well.  He likes their hot chocolate.  I’m just waiting for the red holiday cups to come back.  Don’t fret for my health (or my pocket book) however, the closest Starbucks is in the Big City, 40 minutes away.  I might get a Chai once a week.  I used to love the caramel apple cider.  I bet the Boy would love those too.


We made a visit to Josh’s Grandma today.  The Girl has this Great-Grandma’s name as her middle name (and my dad’s mom’s name for her first).  Our kids are very lucky – they still have all 4 grandparents and 3 great-grandparents!  (Unfortunately (for me) the great’s are all on Josh’s side.)  Grandma here took a bit of a spill the other day.  She’s recovering, although a bit slower than she’d like.  Considering she’s 94, we think she’s doing amazing.  We had a great visit, spending about 4 times longer than we’d originally intended.


This is the Boy’s new favorite book.  He spent almost 45 minutes reading it while we drove all over tarnation today.  It’s very interesting. (If you can’t tell from the photo…that’s our phone book.)


Another shot of our Girl.  She’s a great sleeper (knock on wood).  After the first couple four days, the most I’ve been up during the night is twice.  For about 4 days straight she was only up once, and I had to wake her up then.  (Hey, I’m nursing…if she doesn’t eat, I still won’t be sleeping.)  She’d go down about 10, be up about 2:30 and then sleep again until 6/6:30.  I’m sure she’s working up to a month of torturing me.  Or at least a week – likely the week Josh is in Houston for KOA Convention.  However, her big brother seems to be having trouble with the concept of sleeping through the night.  So while I’d be doing well on sleep with the Girl, the Boy is contributing to my sleep deprivation.  Last night he was up once around 2:30, and then decided the entire house should be up for the day at 5:45 am.  He’s a bit slap happy at this point.  Check that – we are all a bit slap happy right now.


I suppose I’ll forgive him though.  Just because he’s so darn cute.  (He’s quite the Picaso as well.  That artwork is Lightning McQueen.)