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Since my Mom is traveling and we won’t get to see so many of our favorite relatives over this coming Holiday, I thought I’d share a few videos.  Feel free to laugh.  We did.

This began with Josh and I discussing where we would put the Christmas tree in the new house.  And Josh’s suggestion that we get two.  The Boy was quietly sitting watching Horton Hears a Who.  About 5 minutes later he spouted “I’m talkin’ ’bout Christmas.”  He then started to tell us where the trees would go (about 6 of them according to him) and where the basketball court would be.  It took me a few minutes to get the camera going…

Last night someone was singing the ABC’s on his way home from Grandma and Grandpa’s house to try to help calm down his sister (she was a bit hungry).  When we made it home he wanted to tape it so he could watch it.  (Accompaniment by the Girl.  Who will be a month old tomorrow.  Already!)

This was the first attempt at taping…

Can you say high energy?  I knew you could.

The local area railway society had an open house today.

Train1Holy miles of fun Batman.

They have a huge (like 25′ wide by 75′ long) room where they’ve set up 4 different areas of tracks.  Each area has a minimum of 4 different tracks.  And tons of trains running those tracks.

Train2(Can you spot the old time Mickey D’s?)

While we went expecting to entertain the Boy for an hour or so, I think we all had a blast.  Okay, not the Girl…she slept through it.


It was great fun to see all the little worlds these guys have created.  (See the kids playing ball?)  They even have a replica of the Big City before it was very big.

Maybe we just found a use for our unfinished basement…

The weather has been so nice here this week.  I really ought to have put the Christmas lights up on the house, but they were still in storage.

Monday the Boy and I enjoyed what was probably our last trek on the trail for the year.


(It wasn’t really this gray and gloomy…it just felt like it after a half hour.)

With all the leaves off the aspen and birch trees (do you know the difference?  Birch grow in bunches while Aspen grow alone.) we spotted many new fun things.  The heavy snows we had in early October took down a number of trees and bushes.  It also killed off quite a bit of vegetation before its time.



Tuesday we attended the opening of the new gym and fitness facility.  It’s going to be so fun going to basketball games this year.  As the hubby says, it’s as nice as (or nicer than) some of the college gyms we’ve been in.



The court is named after the local long time teacher/coach/athletic director who passed away last fall. It’s a wonderful facility and a great tribute to an amazing man who gave so much back to his community.

Here’s a bit of local trivia for you…did you know we are the only school allowed to use Smoky Bear as our mascot?



It’s true.  In 1939, our local kids helped stop a huge wildfire in the area.  In reward, the Forest Service allows our community to use Smokey for our mascot.  Pretty cool, eh?