We seem to have picked up a few nosy neighbors since the snow arrived.

While kicking back on the couch Tuesday evening, a nose suddenly appeared between the rails of the back deck.


I guess what with all the snow on Monday a few folks decided to be lazy about looking for dinner.  Near the house the snow was pretty sparse allowing much easier access to the few tufts of grass (eh, weeds) than rooting through six or eight inches of snow.


Soon enough another lazy fellow moved in, although not quite as close as the spike.  We watched them out the windows for awhile.  The Boy would tap on the window to get their attention.  The spike would stare at us for a minute then go back to dinner.  The bigger guy wouldn’t acknowledge our presence.  Unfortunately the light was fading fast, but turning on the porch lights didn’t scare them away (it also didn’t provide enough light for decent photos).  They finally took off when I opened the patio doors to try to get a shot with the flash.  Not when I unlocked the door (click), or pushed the handle down (ka-thunk), but when I actually opened the door (barely audible woosh).  Figures.

And so we had to be entertained by our own wild life.